Archy Dick Guards
Company F, 30th Regiment of Pa. Vols.


"The 'Archy Dick Guards,' another company of volunteers recruited from the vicinity of Chester, was organized at "Camp Wayne," near West Chester, June 9, 1861, as Co. F, 30th Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers. It was called by the above name in honor of the memory of the late Archibald T. Dick, Esq, once a prominent and popular citizen of Chester, and a member of the Delaware County Bar. The following is a muster roll of the company:"

Chester (and its Vicinity,) Delaware County in PA – Published 1877 – John Hill Martin, Esq.
fully indexed by John A. Bullock III., Graphic Details Publications


William Cooper Talley, Captain

Henry Huddleson, 1st Lieut.

James S. Peters, 2nd Lieut.




1. J. Wesley Cook

2. Jacob C. Berstler

3. Joseph P. Drew

4. Samuel Batty



1. John McDaniels

2. John P. Fryer

3. Alexander Matthews

4. James Lewis



Hayes P. Griffith


William B. Drake




John Alcott

Squire Booth

Joseph Bradley

Edmund Bradley

William Burk

Isaiah Budd

Henry Bailey

Pratt Baldwin

John Baker

Levi Carr

John Cardell

James Cohen

Arthur Carrell

James Deans

Patrick Doyle

John Ferguson

John Fitzgerald

William Gray

Samuel Gray

James Glass

Thomas Glass

George Griffith

Harrison Green

Dennis Green

John Gamble

William Guilford

Henry Gilkin

James Gorman

John Hardy

Isaac Healey

Joseph S. M. Houpt

Thomas Horner

John Howard

Henry Haycock

James W. Jones

George Jones

John Kilroy

John Kelley

George Laird

Michael Macklam

Joseph S. Mott

Wesley McBride

Thomas Mills

James Makeson

John McCracken

Michael Nolan

Edward O’Neal

Adam Pilkington

George W. Parker

Samuel Parker

John Roberts

William Richardson

William Rowe

Moses Scott

Thomas Smith

Edward Smith

George W. Simmington

William Stacey

Edward Townsend

James W. Turner

George W. Timbler

Joseph Whiteman

James Wilson

Frazer Walter

John Wilde

James M. Willis

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