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Old Chester, PA: Chester Cambridge Bank & Trust Company

Cambridge Trust Co. from Souvenir History of Chester, PA 1903, courtesy of Terry Redden Peters

Cambridge Trust Company, 4th & Market St. (1903)

Photo above from Souvenir History of Chester
under the auspices of the Board of Trade
Published by George M. Burns, Philadelphia, PA 1903
courtesy of Terry Redden Peters

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Presidents: Officers 1903:

Garnett Pendleton, President
Henry B. Black, First Vice-President
Elwood Tyson, Ssecond Vice-President
P. M. Washabaugh, Treasurer & Trust Officer
W. A. Dyer, Secretary
William B. Broomall, Solicitor

Directors 1903:

Robert Wetherill, Robert Wetherill & Co., Engine Builders
John B. Roach, President of the Delaware river Iron Shipbuilding & Engine Works
Howard H. Houston, C. B. Houston & Co., Steel & Iron Brokers
Henry B. Black, H. B. Black & Co., Edge Tool Works
John A. Wallace, Editor & Proprietor, Chester Times
Richard Wetherill, Robert Wetherill & Co., Engine Builders
W. Lane Verlender, President First National Bank of Darby
Garnett Pendleton, Attorney & Counsellor at Law
William S. Blakeley, President Jordan Manufacturing Co.
Elwood Tyson, Manufacturer
Irwin D. Wood, L. N. Wood & Bro., Merchants
James H. Garthwaite, Designer & Draughtsman
J. Craig, Jr., City Treasurer of Chester
William Provost, Jr., Contractor & Builder
P. M. Washabaugh, Washabaugh & Pendleton, Attorneys

Other Employees  
Company History: Thanks to Bill Schuler, Jr., billruthschuler@juno.com, for the following history of The Cambridge Bank & Trust Company:

"The Cambridge Bank and Trust Company was acquired by Philadelphia National Bank... Philadelphia National became CoreStates and then was acquired by First Union."


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