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Frederick J. Hinkson

F. J. Hinkson; Courtesy of Dave Komarnicki

Photograph courtesy of
Dave Komarnicki,

Chester, PA

Frederick J. Hinkson

(A biographical sketch taken from One Hundred Years, The Delaware County National Bank Chester, PA 1814-1914)

Frederick J. Hinkson (1828, clerk; March 10, '36 to July 25, 53, cashier; director 1860-64; sixth president [of The Bank of Delaware County], December 12, '60, to February 8, 64), son of John nand Abigail (Engle) Hinkson, was born in Upper Providence, November 8, 1803. His father died when his son was fifteen and the latter entered the store of Abraham Hamor, in Middletown, and while there learned the tailoring trade. 
Later he taught school in Delaware and Lancaster counties.

While in charge of a school at Village Green, he was elected a clerk in The Bank of Delaware County at a salary of $300 per annum. Eight years later he was elected its cashier. At that time much of the business of the bank was with dealers in live stock. Frequently when large sales of cattle were held at the Black Horse tavern, in Middletown, gathering the drovers and farmers from all sections of the county, Mr. Hinkson would go to the Black Horse with ready money to cash checks and receive deposits, often aggregating many thousands of dollars.

In 1848, he became interested in the tan yard of his father-in-law, William Brobson, of which later he became sole owner, which fact induced him to resign the cashiership in 1853. Later, James S. Bell became a partner in the business, and Mr. Hinkson accepted a clerkship in the bank, which he filled for many years.

In 1860, Mr. Hinkson was elected a director, and as it was known that Jesse J. Maris could not live, Frederick J. Hinkson was elected president, a position he held until it was evident that the bank would cease to be a State institution and had accepted a charter of the National government, when he resigned.

Mr. Hinkson was treasurer of the Borough of Chester from 1850 to 1861, and again for 1862 to '66, and in 1850 he was elected treasurer of the Chester Building Association, the first in the history of the borough. In 1864 he was treasurer of the Union League of Chester, and in 1872 of the Farmers' Market Company, Chester. For twenty years he was a factor in the political history of the Whig and Republican parties in this section, representing this county in State conventions, while in the struggle which resulted in the removal of the county seat to Media, he was prominent in the ranks of the anti-removalists. He served a term as Jury Commissioner, and in 1856 was elected Associate Judge of the Courts of Delaware County, resigning the commission before the expiration of his term, because the rapid growth of the business of the bank required his constant supervision.

In 1866-68, he was a Director of the Poor, and in 1874, he was nominated with Ellis Marshall on an independent ticket for the Legislature and was defeated by a trifling plurality. Frederick J. Hinkson died September 10, 1879, aged 75 years.





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