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Walker Yarnall Hoopes

Walker Yarnall Hoopes

(A biographical sketch taken from One Hundred Years, The Delaware County National Bank Chester, PA 1814-1914)

Years in parentheses are years of service as a Director of The Bank of Delaware County and/or The Delaware County National Bank

Walker Yarnall Hoopes (1851-53, 55-57, March 29, 1866-70), son of Abram and Sidney (Jones) Hoopes, was born at Westtown, Chester county, April 22, 1816. He removed to Middletown, Delaware county, when a young man, and in 1838 was appointed postmaster at Lima, where he was then conducting a general store. In 1855, he served as County Auditor, holding the same office in 1865, and in 1867 was appointed United States Revenue Appraiser for successions and legacies in Delaware county. On January 1, 1870, he became a partner in the banking house of Broomall & Fairlamb, Media. In April of that year, Mr. Broomall withdrew from the firm, which became Fairlamb & Hoopes until December 25, 1878, when Frederick Fairlamb died. Mr. Hoopes continued the business until May 1, 1883, when William B. Newbold entered the firm, which then was known as Hoopes & Newbold. Several years prior to his death, Mr. Hoopes retired from business. He died at Media, December 1, 1895, aged 79 years.






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