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Paul Lane Ives

Paul Lane Ives

(A biographical sketch by his son, Paul Lane Ives, Jr., plives@juno.com)

My father, Paul Lane Ives, Esq.,  was a contemporary of many of the "old time" lawyers who had great influence on the development and growth of Chester.  Paul Lane Ives, Esq. was graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Law in 1926, admitted to the Delaware County Bar, and went to work for his uncle, Joshua C. Taylor, Esq., who, among other things, was president of a state bank, the name of which escapes me, but it was located on the corner of 5th and Market Streets, across from Chester Cambridge Bank and the old five and ten cents store.  In those days, state banks issued their own currency, and my father often told of carrying a briefcase full of bank notes up to Spencer's Printing and Engraving on Seventh Street to have his uncle's signature printed on the bills.   On the way over they were worthless, on the way back they were worth thousands of dollars.

Paul Lane Ives moved into a suite of offices in the Taylor Foundation Building when it was completed in the mid to late thirties. He continued to practice law from there until his death in 1966.

My father was also president of the Chester Kiwanis Club, President of the Delaware County Bar Association, Solicitor for the Chester School Board, Crozier and Taylor Hospitals, Trustee of the Lindsay Law Library in Chester, and was active in many, many other professional and civic organizations.

He was Christened as a child and remained a member of Old Saint Pauls Episcopal Church on Ninth Street.

In the early to mid 1930's, he was a partner in a law firm which included Malcom Petrikin, Ward Hinkson, Arthur (?) Fronfield,  and E. Wallace Chadwick among other well known Chester attorneys.  Their office was on the second floor of the Delaware County National Bank at 4th and Market Streets.

[Son of Martha Elizabeth Taylor Ives]





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