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Enos Painter

Enos Painter

(A biographical sketch taken from One Hundred Years, The Delaware County National Bank Chester, PA 1814-1914)

Years in parentheses are years of service as a Director of The Bank of Delaware County and/or The Delaware County National Bank

Enos Painter (1818-38), son of James and Jane (Carter) Painter, was born in Birmingham, December 1, 1773. On his marriage to Hannah Minshall, of Middletown, he settled on one of the farms then owned by the bride's father. In 1810, he was trustee of the Middletown Fund for Schooling Negro Children, and in the Act of April 10, 1835, was appointed a commissioner to receive subscriptions for stock of the Delaware County Insurance Company. He was a wealthy farmer. He died May 31, 1857, aged 83 years. His sons, Minshall and Jacob Painter, became men of prominence in the county.





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