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Wm. Provost, Jr.


William Provost, Jr.

(A biographical sketch from a Souvenir History of Chester under the auspices of the Board of Trade, Published by George M. Burns, Philadelphia, PA 1903)

The leading contractor and builder of Chester is Wm. Provost, Jr. Many of the handsomest residences and largest manufacturing plants have been constructed by him.

Mr. Provost is thoroughly equipped for fine or heavy work. He is prepared to furnish sites, plans and specifications; erect manufacturing plants, including the installation of power. Correspondence is invited from all who may wish information along these lines.

The following is a partial list of the more important buildings erected by Mr. Provost in Chester and vicinity:

D. Trainer Sons
Patterson Mill Company
Huston Manufacturing Company
Arasapha Manufacturing Company
Standard Spinning Company
Johnson Frog and Switch Works
American Steel Casting Company
Chester Pipe and Tube Company
Jas. Irving & Sons' Mills
Crumm Lynne Iron Works
South Chester Tube Works

Residences of Messrs.
J. E. Woodbridge
Ellwood Tyson
David Appleby
S. C. Turner
J N. Wilson
Joseph Messick
Samuel Lyons, Esq.
Harry Roth
H. B. Birtwell
Rich. Wetherill
Robert Wetherill
John L. Black
Wm. Provost, St.
Isaac Worrall
E. E. Trainer
W. E. Trainer

Among the buildings erected by Mr. Provost and illustrated in this Souvenir History will be found the following:

Aberfoyle Manufacturing Company
Galey & Lord Manufacturing Company
George C. Hetzel Company
Penn Steel Casting Company
Robert Wetherill & Co.
Sharpless Dye-wood Extract Company
Delaware County Trust Company Building
Delaware County Gas Company (Now Suburban Gas Company)
Moyamensing Hook and Ladder Company
Chester Free Library
Cambridge Building
Penn Club
Fayette Manufacturing Company
The Henry Roever Company
T. I. Birkin & Company
Shaffer & Smith Office Building
Chester High School
St. Paul's P.E. Church
Third Presbyterian Church





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