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Jesse Rogers - "Ranger Joe"



Jesse Rogers - "Ranger Joe"

Contributed by his granddaughter, Jannea Rogers

"My name is Jannea Rogers and I am the granddaughter of Jesse Rogers - Ranger Joe.  My family only recently became aware of the website for Ranger Joe as well as Jesse's involvement with the cereal company.  We are interested in any information or memorabilia on Ranger Joe.

"There was a television show produced in Camden.  My grandfather - Jesse Rogers - was Ranger Joe for all the years that it ran - I have many old photos of him including publicity photos from that era.  During his time in Camden, Jesse was married to a local celebrity radio star -- Sally Starr -- I have been searching for years for any tapes that may have been made of any Ranger Joe show - in those days they did not film them......  Jesse was also a recording artist who wrote many songs some of which he was given credit for and some not ...."

More of Jesse Rogers' biography by his granddaughter, Jannea Rogers:

"Jesse Otto Rogers was born March 5, 1911 in Waynesboro Mississippi.  His father was Eff Rogers - brother of Aaron Rogers.   Aaron Rogers was the father of Jimmie Rogers the Blue Yodeler - first man inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame and for whom the Postal Service issued a stamp in the late 1970's.

"Jimmie and Jesse grew up together and for a time Jesse was billed  by BlueBird Records of RCA Victor over Jimmie in promotions.  Jesse signed on with the Blue Bird label of RCA in 1933.

"Jesse had his own radio show in Philadelphia on WFIL with Phil Shirdian in the late 1940's and 1950's.  Jesse was married to Sallie Starr - radio celebrity - for a time during the 1950's.  Jesse released 72 songs for RCA Victor on the Bluebird lable and cut between 175 and 200 masters. Jesse wrote songs with Max Friedman, Billy Hayes, Bix Rightner, Mel Foree and Jimmy Skinner.

"As Ranger Joe, Jesse taped more than 500 half-hour shows.   Jesse's costar on the program was his trained palimino Topaz. The cereal endorsement came as a result of Jesse's fame in the 40's and 50's.   Jesse was so famous that he was invited to be the grand marshal of Gimbel's parade in Philadelphia and to open the season at Yale football in New Haven Conn.

"Jesse also had shows in Dallas, Kansas City, Chicago St Louis and Philadelphia one of which was the national broadcast show on CBS of Ranger Joe.  He starred in one of the first live television western shows called "Western Balladier" on WPTZ.   Jesse also had roles in major motion pictures.

"Jesse died from emphezema May 15, 1970 and is buried in Rest Haven Memorial Cemetery in Houston Texas."




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