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John Martin Sharpless

John Martin Sharpless

(A biographical sketch taken from One Hundred Years, The Delaware County National Bank Chester, PA 1814-1914)

Years in parentheses are years of service as a Director of The Bank of Delaware County and/or The Delaware County National Bank

John Martin Sharpless (1855-57, 1861), son of Enos and Beulah (Martin) Sharpless, was born at Waterville, Nether Providence, August 1, 1811. On November 15, 1835, he, Gideon Smith, and Lawrence Hawthorn entered into partnership in the manufacture of dyestuffs and grinding dyewoods. A part of the old grist mill at Waterville was fitted out with the proper machinery. Within a short time, Hawthorn withdrew from the firm, and, in 1842, Smith also retired from active participation in its management, but still retained an interest in the business. The enterprise proved enormously profitable, and Mr. Sharpless acquired a substantial fortune. In the fall of 1874, John M. Sharpless was in attendance at a committee meeting of the Yearly Meeting in charge of the Westtown Boarding School, when he was stricken with paralysis, which resulted fatally. John M. Sharpless died at his home on Chestnut street, in what is now the First ward of Chester, December 22, 1874, aged 63 years.





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