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Elwood Tyson

Elwood Tyson

Photograph from
One Hundred Years, The Delaware County Nation Bank Chester, PA 1814-1914

Elwood Tyson

(A biographical sketch taken from One Hundred Years, The Delaware County National Bank Chester, PA 1814-1914)

Elwood Tyson (1871 to May 30, '86; fifth president of The Delaware County National Bank), son of James and Lydia (Grubb) Tyson, was born in Aston township, April 16, 1819. He was a lineal descendant of Raines Tyson, who emigrated to the province of Pennsylvania in 1682, and settled at Germantown.

Elwood Tyson was a miller and farmer by occupation, and after his father's death, in 1858, he operated the noted Tyson grist mills in West Branch, Chester creek, until March, 1864, when, as executor of his father's estate, he conveyed the mill and most of the land owned by the late James Tyson to John B. and Samuel Rhodes, who changed the old building into a cotton factory, and gave to the locality the name it now bears - Llewellyn. Mr. Tyson served as a school director of Aston township in 1856-66, and again in 1880. In 1858, he was elected County Commissioner, and in 1864 a member of the State Legislature, serving during the sessions of 1865 and 66. The latter year, he introduced and had charge of the bill incorporating the Borough of Chester as a city, a measure which was not acceptable to many of the large real estate owners of the borough of that day, who strove to defeat the bill while it was pending in committee. Elwood Tyson was elected president of the bank March 12, 1877, and held the office until his death, on March 30, 1886. He was sixty-seven years old at his death. 





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