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Carter Cemetery
Concord Rd., Chester Township

Photos courtesy of Ben Jones

Overview of the cemetery from Concord Road (Chester Township, PA) July, 2004


Raising funds in an attempt to have the section of the wall that fell when the state lowered the road grade in front of the cemetery causing it to fall out onto Concord Road.

Two possible graves along the wall off Concord Road. (Behind the Carter Graveyard sign.) 

When I finished the new sign, I installed it in 2000.

Elinore Taylor reunited with her husband Robert Taylor. (7/2004)

After the stone was back in its proper place, it was shown that Elinore Taylor died on January 6, 1867, at the age of 64. Her husband died 3 days later on January 9, 1864, at the age of 84.


This is where Elinore Taylor's stone was found. Under the large portion of the wall that was pushed back into the cemetery when it fell out onto Concord Road. The stone was about 15 feet from the foot markers of Elinore and Robert Taylor. Robert Taylor's stone was found face down along the southeast wall about two years ago. 


While grading the pile of dirt that was along the southeast wall, I found what could be three grave markers. Several of the graves in the cemetery are marked with only fieldstones (larger ones for the head, smaller ones for the foot.)

"Upkeep has been mainly a solo effort since Annette Hart helped me cut through the tons of debris. Once grading is complete, I plan to chip away at the stone wall sections piled up in the front to prepare for its eventual repair. 

Have a copy of the cemetery burial layout. When I have time, will send it along for posting. The cemetery was once opened for public burials so all residents may not be Carters."

- Ben Jones (10th generation Carter)

Earlier pictures

2001, 2004 John A. Bullock III.

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