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First Nursing Class
20th Anniversary Dinner - c. 1953

Photo courtesy of Vi Burkhard, Vero Beach, FL, daughter of
Mrs. Catherine (Miller) Everson

"The 20th anniversary dinner of the first graduate class of Chester Hospital's nurses training school was held last week at the Arcadia Hotel, Eddystone, in honor of Miss Mary E Reagan, director of the school who retired recently after 37 years' service.

From left to right are:
Mrs. Tessie Toole
Mrs. Maryann Stanoski
Mrs. Marie Taylor
Mrs. Margaret DiCabe
Mrs. Catherine (Miller) Everson
Miss Rebecca Rubin
Miss Mary E. Reagan
Mrs. Dorothy Hall
Mrs. Antoinette Butz
Mrs. Marie Bateman
Mrs. Betty Fisher
Mrs. Zenobia Corwin
Mrs. Dorothy Slezak
Mrs. Patricia Ingram"


2003 John A. Bullock III.
Graphic Details Publications

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