Faith Tabernacle Church

3rd & Fulton Sts.
Chester, PA

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Former Pastors The Rev. Dr. Margaret L. Wortham (Present, 2001, and for over 35 years)


Rev. Catherine O. Jacobs; Photo courtesy of Delaware County Daily Times 12/11/1998Rev. Catherine O. Jacobs, daughter of The Rev. Dr. Margaret L. Wortham, has been assistant pastor of the church since 1976.


Church History

For over 35 years this building has housed the Faith Tabernacle Church, pastored by The Rev. Dr. Margaret L. Wortham.  It formerly housed the Italian Presbyterian congregation. - 1

"Dr. Wortham happens to be the longest person in the city to pastor a church. This honor includes both women and men who are pastors in the city."

Juanita E. Wortham,

1 - Thanks to Marvin W. Armstrong,, for this information

2001 John A. Bullock III.

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