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Grace United Methodist Church

1213 Central Ave.
Chester, PA 19013-2907

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Former Pastors Rev. Herbert W. Coe (? - 1991)
     "Rev. Coe was actually pastoring both churches part time at the time of the consolidation. After serving at Grace Community for about 5 years, he was assigned to a church in Philly. He returned to St. Daniel's  two years ago, after Rev. Wright."

Church History Founded 1927.

"In 1991, Grace consolidated with Community United Methodist Church, which was on 3rd and Jeffery Sts.

"The new church is called Grace Community UMC. This was accomplished under the pastorate of Rev. Herbert W. Coe, who is presently the pastor at St. Daniel's UMC in Chester. Grace Community is pastored by Rev. Walton R. Burke."

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