Chester Y.M.C.A. Glee Club
Picture taken at Chester's New Century Club c. 1940's

YMCA Glee Club c. 1940's; Photo courtesy of Ralph L. Hall

Photo courtesy of Ralph L. Hall,

Seated, l to r:   Paul Showalter, Chester Stevens, Edwin Kelley, Benjamin Parker, George Alexander, Jr., Walter Hiorth, Ralph Hall, Sr., Bill Hall, Joe Leary, Don Linnenbank, John Alexander, Robert Waite, Eugene Snyder, George Bollinger.


2nd Row, l to r:    Jesse Stimson, George Alexander, Sr., Leonard Dart, Sam Tryens, Albert Lavan, Jack Stevens, Arnold Jones, Bill Johnson, Taylor Christy, Bob Leary, Earle Hoffman, Paul Kerr, Frank Shonfield .


3rd row  l to r:  George Hess, Rodney Woodworth, Scott Brodie, Howard Hall, Jack Stang, Lou Worrell, Harry Anschultz, Herman Yonkers, Fred Smeeton, Thomas Russell, Carl Gulbrandsen.


Thanks to Ralph L. Hall and his mother, Marian Hall for identifying these gentlemen.

2001, 2002 John A. Bullock III.
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