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Chester Rural Cemetery Lookups

Why does Graphic Details Publications charge for lookups?

Being involved with our own genealogy research, we at Graphic Details Publications realize that at times "money" is often a dirty word in genealogy circles.  However, this has been a very costly project for us to accomplish both in terms of time and dollars.  It has involved a number of trips from North Carolina to Pennsylvania to copy the records and approximately 10 months of near full-time work to enter the information into the database.  Another 10 months was spent surveying every monument in this 36-plus acre cemetery to glean any additional information and add it to the database.

We hope to recover some of our investment as well as fund additional projects that will be equally helpful in the preservation of historical information.  In addition, we plan to donate a percentage of the proceeds to the Cemetery in order to support the preservation and maintenance of Soldiers' Circle.

To Request a Lookup

One day we hope to have this function automated so that you will be able to search the database online.  However, in the meantime we offer the following options for your convenience:

Option A:

Step 1: Send us an Email giving the names and permit numbers for individuals about whom you would like details.

Step 2: Click here to pay online

Option B:

Mail us a check with your request and email address and we'll be glad to send the details by return Email.

- Rates -

Complete records available for up to 4 individuals: $20
(If you need fewer than 4 records, the minimum charge is $15).

Complete records for additional individuals provided at the same time: $2 each.

Complete records for additional individuals provided at a later time: $5 each.

Arrangements can also be made for a photograph of the monument and lot location.

(A percentage of proceeds to be donated to Chester Rural Cemetery for the upkeep and maintenance of Soldiers' Circle.)

Included in the results will be:

Date of Death
Date of Permit (the date the Cemetery was notified)
Lot Section and Grave #
Place of Death (City & State)
Funeral Director (where applicable)
Age (for most)

Some records may also include some or all of the following:
Birth year and/or date
Children / Siblings
Military Service
Misc. background notes.

Click here to check the most up-to-date listing here on the web site. Information is available for any field marked with a "%" symbol.

Note: This website is maintained and sponsored by Graphic Details Publications.  It is not the official web site of the Chester Rural Cemetery Association and they will not be held liable for any inaccuracies contained herein.

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