Garden City Fire Company
412 Moore Road, Wallingford, PA

Garden City Original Fire House, 1944-1968; Photo courtesy of William H. Crystle, 3rd
Original Fire House on Blakeley Road, 1944-1968


Garden City Original Fire House in 1952 with 2nd engine door; Photo courtesy of William H. Crystle, 3rd
Original Fire House on Blakeley Road with Second Engine Door, 1952


Garden City Fire Station Built 1968; Photo courtesy of William H. Crystle, 3rd
Garden City Fire Station built 1968, 412 Moore Road


Garden City Fire House  Addition, 2000; Photo courtesy of William H. Crystle, 3rd
Garden City Fire House Addition, 2000


Garden City F.C. Appartus, 9-2-90; Photo courtesy of William H. Crystle, 3rd
Garden City Fire Company Apparatus, September 2, 1990

Photos above courtesy of William H. Crystle 3rd,,

412 Moore Road
Wallingford, PA

Thanks to William H. Crystle 3rd,,
for the following information about the Garden City Fire Company:

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Garden City Original Uniform Patch, courtesy of William H. Crystle, 3rd
Garden City original uniform patch

Garden City new uniform patch; courtesy of William H. Crystle, 3rd
Garden City new uniform patch

Scans courtesy of
William H. Crystle 3rd,

Garden City Fire Company

The company was established in 1944, and was located on Blakely Road between Ash and Walnut Roads. The Civic Association, which ceased operation, gave the fire company its building. In 1968 they moved into a new fire station at 412 Moore Road.  During the year 2000 they added a large two story addition in the rear along with expanding the engine room.

Members Among the known members:

Edward Lamey - 1944
Robert Porter - 1945-1946
Walter Sydnor - 1947-1955       
Elmer Wood - 1956
William H. Crystle - 1956-1966
J.Alfred Davis, Jr. - 1967-1971
Carl Davis, Jr. - 1972-1973
James Munce - 1974-1983
Louis DiDomenico - 1984-1985
James Munce - 1986-1991
Louis DiDomenico - (1st Asst. Chief was elected to complete James Munce's term due to Munce's untimely death)1991-1992
Joseph Lombardo, Jr. - 1993-1995
Louis DiDomenico -  1996 to present


James Watson - 1944-1948
Curt Rayburn - 1949
Horace Daft - 1950-1951
Joseph Hinderhofer,Sr. - 1952-1953
Joseph Forrest - 1954-1960
Harry Vercoe, II - 1961
William Culp, Sr. - 1962
Frank Chominski - 1963-1964
Larry Hunter, Sr. - 1965-1966
Joseph Forrest - 1967-1968
Edward Chopko - 1969-1970
Larry Hunter, Sr. -  1971-1972
Raymond Heller, Sr. -   1973-1984
Robert L. Carpenter -   1985
William Wright - 1986 to present

Some other known members:

Leon Blackburn - Vice President and many other offices
Robert Carpenter - served as president of the Delaware County Firemen's Association, the only Garden City member to hold that office.
Dennis Davis - held several offices
Joseph Delia - served as Asst. Fire Chief many years
John Humphrey - served as Asst. Fire Chief many years
Robert Foltz - serves as Nether Providence Twp. Fire Marshal
Patrick O'Rourke - Asst. Fire Chief

William Chism
William H. Crystle, 3rd
Larry Hunter, Jr.
Ken Keesey
Robert Mann
Mark Waskiewicz

Membership List - September 1, 2001
Thanks to Larry D. Hunter, Sr.,
ATWOOD, Walter Life
BAILEY, Michael Active
BAILEY, Steve Life (Active)
BATES, Jennafer L. Active
BATES, John P. Active
BATES, Sr. Robert A. Life (Active)
BLACKBURN, Leon C. Life (Active)
BOGARDUS, Mike Active
BOYER, James Active
BOYLE, Ward Active
BURNETT, Dewey Active
CARR, James Life
CARROLL, Michelle Life
CHILDERS, Danny Active
CHISM, William R. Life (Active)
CLARK, James Life
COPPLE, Robert Life (Active)
CRYSTLE, William Life
DAVIS, Denny Life (Active)
DAVIS, Robert Life
DAVIS, Jr., J. Alfred Life
DELIA, Donald Life
DELIA, Joseph Life (Active)
DIDOMINICO, Louis Life (Active)
DOYLE, Jr. Francis W. Active
EBRIGHT, Harvey Life
ELLMORE, III, John P. Active
ELLMORE, IV, John P. Apprentice
FOLTZ, Robert Life (Active)
GLOVACK, Ronald Life
GOTTIER, Greg Active
HAMILTON, Jacob J. Active
HARLON, Douglas Life
HOPKINS, Brent Active
HUMPHREY, John Life (Active)
HUNTER, Jr., Larry D. Life (Active)
HUNTER, Sr., Larry D. Life (Active)
KEESEY, Kenneth Active
KEESEY, Paul Life
LOMBARDO, Jr., Joseph Life (Active)
MACCALL, Mike Active
MANN, Robert Life (Active)
MCELWEE, Donald Life
MOORE, III, George Active
O'ROURKE, Patrick Active
ORTOLEVA, James Life (Assistant & Deputy Fire Marshal since 1983)
PEARL, Jason M. Apprentice
PLISKO, William Life
PLISKO, Jr., George Life (Active)
PROFITT, Phillip Life
SAMMEL, Robert Active
SANTELLA, Nicholas Probationary
SAPOVITZ, Morris Life
SAPOVITZ, Richard Life
STAMBAUGH, Rodger Life
STAMBAUGH, Steven Active
WIKE, III, Ralph Active
WRIGHT, William Life (Active)

If you have any information and or pictures that you would like to contribute about the history of Garden City Fire company, please forward it to

2001, 2002 John A. Bullock III.

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