Old Chester, PA: Ford Motor Company
Front & Lloyd Streets • Chester, PA
August 1927 - 1958

Scans from a Ford Motor Company brochure
compliments of Michael Murphy, irish.genealogy@att.net

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"Heavy lifting in the Chester plant is done by mechanical hoists or cranes.  Here a worker is seen unloading frames from a freight car for storage until needed for assembly on the final chassis line."

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"Body department of the Chester plant, showing side and roof panel stock piles.  On the overhead conveyor line is a completed floor pan which next goes to the body jigs for welding into place."
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"Scores of welding operations are necessary to fit body sections together and to insure structural strength.   This photograph shows skilled workers completing arc welding on a Ford sedan interior in the body build-up."
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"Painstaking work in the metal finishing department is required to lay the foundation for a perfect enamel coating.   Here a body sander is shown removing all rough edges from body surfaces prior to painting."
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"Front end assemblies are built up on a moving line which travels on an oval track.  The assemblies are clamped into jigs for the build-up and later are fitted to the chassis in one of the final operations."
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"Riding comfort as well as beauty depends to a large extent upon body trim operations.  A worker is shown installing the instrument panel to the body.  Seats, floor mats and other materials will be added."
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"One of the most important steps in insuring Ford car and truck owners of trouble-free operation is the engine dress-up.  Here skilled men are putting the finishing touches to engines preparatory to final assembly."
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"A final point in Ford car assembly is the fitting of body sections to the chassis.  Shown here is the decking of the front end assembly above the engine of a Ford Passenger Car.  Next the trimmed body is added to the chassis."
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"The end of the final assembly lines.  Finishing touches are added to the completed automobiles, which - after receiving final inspections and test rides - are ready for shipment to dealers served by the Chester plant."
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"Most passenger cars assembled at the Chester plant are delivered to dealers by motor truck convoy.  Fords are driven up a ramp and onto the standing haulaway truck which carries four vehicles per load."

The following pictures were separate from the brochure above...

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ford_body-drop.gif (113223 bytes) "Body Drop lowers body assembly, complete with upholstery, glass and paint, to the frame.  Chassis employees (from left) Jim Young, Donald Hellmuth and James Graham take care to preserve the quality assembly for the addition of fenders and hoods along the final line."



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