Old Chester, PA: Ford Motor Company
Front & Lloyd Streets • Chester, PA
August 1927 - 1958

People of the Chester Ford Assembly Plant
compliments of Michael Murphy, irish.genealogy@att.net

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"This is a general view of the group who attended the second annual Dinner of CHampions at the Springhaven Club near Wallingford, Friday evening, May 16.  Dinner was held in honor of the employee champions of the various sport activities of Chester's Ford Employee Recreation Association.  Team trophies and individual prizes were awarded to the champs.   Nearly 100 employee champs, wives, and guests were present."


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"Mixed League Captains pose for the photographer before start of opening night's play on September 9.  Standing, Ott Young, Traffic; Bill Stroud, Office; Frank Leahy, Repairmen; Ed Brinker, Hardware; Leon Evans, Porkie's Aces, and Tony Jasczcsalt, Delivery.  Front row, Tom McLaughlin, Export; Frank Evangelista, Ex-Cls; Vince Christy, Plant Protection and Harry Murphy, Trimmers."
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"Murphy Award"
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"Harry Murphy"
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"Pace Setters In Plant's Mixed Bowling League"

"Trimmers, leaders in Mixed loop with a record of 15 wins and three losses pose for the photographer at Penn Recreation Alleys.  From left, Al Wilson, Ed Diamond, Harry Murphy, Frank Thomas and Joe Schalleur.  The league-leaders also hold the high three-gram mark with 2813 and high single-game total of 990.  Schalleur tops the team on a 173 average while team captain Murphy follows with a 168 mark."


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"Export clerk Vincent P. Guest has been with the Company almost 39 years.  He joined Ford in 1915 as an employee of the upholstering section.  'I'm looking foward to the day I can take advantage of Ford's retirement plan,' says Guest."
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"November 1934"

"First entry in the chips and sccratches slogan contest is submitted by Richard Phillips, Maintence, (left) to contest chairman Robert Harper, Quality Control Manager.  The contest, which started here October 28, is open to all hourly employees in an effort to minimize paint damage.  (An entry blank appears below.)



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