Gideon's Band
Company D, 124th Penna. Volunteers

"[From the Delaware County Republican]

'Gideon’s Band. – The Sheriff of Delaware County, Norris L. Yarnall, is now at the head of over one hundred young men who have volunteered at the call of their country to go forth to endure the privations of camp-life, the toils of the march, and the perils of the battle field, to protect us in our property and our homes. In the roll which we annex, our readers will recognize the names of the sons of our best citizens, who have left the comforts of easy homes, and the career of prosperous business for the duty to which their country calls them, and to which their manly patriotism so generously and freely responds. We congratulate them and their friends on having a gentleman so capable as Sheriff Yarnall for their Captain, one whose military knowledge peculiarly fits him for the position he has assumed. We predict for him entire success in his patriotic efforts to serve his country.


'The following is a copy of the muster roll of the Company referred to, known as Co. D, 124th Pa. Vols., mustered into service Aug. 11, 1862; and out, May 15, 1863.'"

Chester (and its Vicinity,) Delaware County in PA – Published 1877 – John Hill Martin, Esq.
fully indexed by John A. Bullock III., Graphic Details Publications


Norris L. Yarnall, Captain

I. Law. Haldeman, 1st Lieut.

Joseph Pratt, 2nd Lieut.




James B. Aitkin

J. Frank Black

Benjamin Brooke

Henry Black

Samuel Boker

William L. Bittle

William B. Broomall

William H. Beatty

Hunter Brooke

David Bradbury

Chas. D. M. Broomhall

Davis Broomall

William Batting

Silas Baker

Daniel B. Baker

Stephen M. Blazier

Richard R. Cummins

J. Roland Cochran

Michael Crouse

Joseph G. Cummins

James Cheetham

James Crozer

Jesse Darlington

William G. Davidson

Lorenzo F. Davis

James Dougherty

Henry Deny

Elias Eckfeldt

George Eplee

Charles J. Esry

Frederick Eckfeldt

William Y. Esbin

Anderson Fielding

Jabez F. Fryer

Thomas Fields

Milton Ford

Larkin Fairlamb

Thomas Fleming

George Gardner

William Gamble

John L. Grim

Benjamin T. Green

Edward B. Green

William H. Garrett

John H. Henderson

Canada Humes

William Howarth

William Heyburn

Edward P. Hickman

Andrew J. Haws

Thomas Hance, Jr.

Joseph J. Hall

Joel Hollingsworth

William Howard

Alfred Hannum

William H. Hoopes

John D. Howard

Brinton J. Heyburn

James H. Haycock

William T. Innes

Philip Johnson

Edward Jackson

Rufus King

N. C. Longmire

Edward W. Lewis

W. J. McPherson

George D. Miller

James Moore

James Newsome

Casper Pike

John Pugh

Aaron Perry

John Millson

Wm. L. Martin

Caleb T. Price

Samuel H. Palmer

Richard A. Passmore

John Palmer

John M. Pyle

James C. Sorber

George F. Springer

Benj. Frank Thomas

Jacob B. Richards

Menanda Slack

Mifflin W. Smith

Pennell Stackhouse

Edward W. Torbert

William P. Worrall, Jr.

Harry Williamson

Henry Warburton

Joel E. Watson

W. Wayne Vodges

Christian Wall

Walker Y. Wells

James Waters

William Yarnall

2000 John A. Bullock III.

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