My Book of Old Chester
Louis J. Warfel,


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Introduction &
This work is dedicated to the memory of my parents, Louis and Mary Bunce Warfel, both of whom grew up in Chester and loved the old City as it was in bygone days. My Father was for many years the sexton of St. Michael's Church and during those years he made many friends in Chester.

My wife, Bette Jane Brooks Warfel, and I were both born and grew up in Chester. I attended St. Michael's School, Smedley Jr. High, Chester High and St. James High School.

After I returned from Europe in 1945 , Bette Jane and I were married. We lived first on Potter St. until 1951, then in Brookhaven until 1987.

I worked as Manager of the Buten Paint Store at 624 Edgmont Ave for 21 years. During that time our 15 children were born. I later worked in the Buten Store on the MacDade Blvd. In Woodlyn until I retired in 1986.

I have always had a great love for the old City. After my wife and I retired to Phoenix, Az. I spent time researching the lives of some of the people who had been part of the Chester story. I had also collected a considerable amount of information from newspapers, magazines and old Historical Books, so I wrote it up in a little book and gave copies to my children, relatives and friends.

This project has given me great pleasure. I hope that all who read it will enjoy it as well.


3rd Street Bridge Disaster 148

A Chester Family 85
Aberfoyle 105
American Viscose 129
Anderson, Col. William 43
Army Tanks 157

Baldwin, Matthias 63
Baltimore & Ohio R. R. 96
Beale, Edward F. 78
Black, Crosby 114
Brooks Family 138
Buchanan, James 53
Bucknell, William 130
Buten Fire 160

Celluloid 66
Centennial Exposition 75
Chester Businesses 133
Chester Court House 19
Chester Fire Houses 121
Chester Mfg. Mills 105
Chester Park 109
Chester Times 108
Christie, James 82
City of Chester 58
Cornwallis, General 24
Crozer, John P. 60
Crozer, Samuel 135

Demsey, Jack 143
Deshong Family 136
Dougherty, James "Baron" 143

Early Settlements 16
Eddystone Ammunition 141
Eddystone Print Works 71
Farragut, David G. 93
Firemen's Convention 138
Fitch, John 29
Flood of 1843 61
Flood of 1971 162
Forward, Jonathan 73
Four Aces
Fox,George 10
Franklin, Benjamin 22

Grand Opera House 107
Grant, U. S. 66
Greaton, Fr. Joseph 21
Greenbanks Fire 88

Haley, Bill 157
Hargreaves, Thomas 107-112
Hayes, Rutherford 82
Healthy town 31
Hermit 27
Holly Tree Hall 72----86
Horsecars 97
Howe, Elias 52
Hurricane Hazel 160

Ice Breaker 159

Jackson Explosion 88
Jackson, Andrew 45-46
Jefferson, Thomas 34

Key, Francis Scott 37

Lafayette, General 41
Larkin, John Jr. 73
Leiper, George Gray 65
Leiper, Thomas 36
Lindbergh, Charles 149-151
LLoyd, David 19

Madison, Hames 35
Man O' War 147
McClure, John 158
McKinley, William 118
Mey, Capt. Cornelius 7
Modern Shipbuilding 153
Morton, John 23
Motion Picture Houses 124-128-129
Moyamensing Fire Co. 59
Murtaugh, Danny 161

Neumann, Bishop John 53
New Mexico Territory 79
Nolan, Paul 161

O'Hara Family 68-103
O. N. M. A. Stores 98

P. M. C. Fire 87
Palmer, Samuel  45-120
Penn, William 9-17
Penna. Military College 56
Pennell, James 29
Pennsylvania Dutch 34
Polk, James 49
Pompilli, Rudy 157
Porter, Comm. David 90
Porter, David Dixon 92
Pusey, Caleb 15

R. R. Improvement 67
Roach, John 99
Roach, John B. 126
Roach's Shipyard 71
Roder's Newsstand 132-164
Runyon, Damon 144

Sandy Flash 32
Schley, Admiral 113
Schmidt Family 98-152
Scott Paper Co. 132
Sea Train 152
Spanish American War 111
Spanish Influenza 145
Sproul, William C. 145
St. Michael's Church 47-96-103-124
St. Paul's Church 18
Steamboat Stops 84
Steel Industry 66
Sun Ship Co. 140

Taitt, Bishop Francis 156
Timmins, Fr. Joseph 138
Titanic 130
Trolley Strike 127
Typewriter 58

Vauclain, Samuel 122
Virdex 71

War of 1812 37
Washington, George 24-32
Waters, Ethel 153
Wayne, Anthony 22
Wetherill Family 114
White Fleet 96
World War 1 139-140

Yellow Fever 30

My Book of Old Chester
2001 Louis J. Warfel,

If you have any information and or pictures that you would like to contribute about the history of Chester, please forward it to

2001 John A. Bullock III.

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