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Delaware County Daily Times Employees

c. 1965-1990

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Many thanks to Josephine Burke for compiling the following list of Delaware County Daily Times employees during her career, c. 1965-1990:


Office Staff (Primarily):
Abbott Thomas
Barnshaw Evelyn
Bruno Michael
Burke Josephine
Caccione Victor
Casterline Leonard
Chance Peggy
Chaykun Harry
Chernokal Walter
Coffield Trecia
Coleman Patricia
DeLarm Brenda
DiCoccio Theresa
DiCoccio Joseph
DiGiacomo ?
DiMeglio Linda
DiVito Elaine
Dobnack Marie
Doubet Elaine
Dougherty Jack
Eufrasio Faye
Evaley Paul
Gaiser Esther
Gavin John
Gebhart Edward
Gothie Frank
Greenwood Barbara
Gross Pauline
Harrison Cecil
Healey Bonnie
Hedley Ronald
Holcombe Olan
Humphrey Patricia
Hunt Helen
Jewell Frank
Jones Kenneth
Kain Florence
Keane Thelma
Keeler Patricia
Kerwin Carol
Kissinger Margaret
Kranyak Faith
Kresge Marlene
Land Katherine
Landau Dolores
Latcheren Bonnie
Lynch Kenneth
Maccario Angela
Maffo Marlene
Maitland Harry
McGee Gerald
McGrath Joanne
McHale Martha
Moore Bernice
Murphy Dennis
Noden Raymond
O'Conner Edward
Oliver Geraldine
Olsen Rosemary
Olsen Jo Anne
Parsons George
Petillo Richard
Reynolds Andrew
Roberts ?
Sandone Carol
Schnee Martha
Shoemaker Barbara
Shoemaker Beatrice
Skidmore Arden
Skidmore Joanne
Sweetland Bill
Walker Rufus
Wallace Robert
Walsh Barbara
Waters John
White Jack
Wilson Angela
Yakas Helen
Betts Terry 1
Booth Jimmy 1
Burke Bob 1
Connolley Bob 1
DeNight John 1
Driggins Les 1
Eschenbach Bill 1
Gulla Paul 1
Ingram Tony 1
Thompson Charles 2
Display Advertising:
Finn Jean 1
Ponneman George 1


Many thanks to the following for providing additional names for our list of known Daily Times employees:

1 - Thanks to Ron Burke, RPBurke1@rcn.com for sending along his Mother's list and for adding to the list himself as he also worked at the Daily Times for 3 months during 1968.

2 - Mike Brown, NDMikeB@aol.com, son-in-law of Charles Thompson who retired c. 1988-1990.




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