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John Martin Broomall

Meeting of Board of Directors of Delaware County Nat'l Bank
December 12, 1921

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John Martin Broomall

Photo courtesy of Anne Wiegle, awiegle@fast.net

In Memorium John Martin Broomall

Born Upper Chichester Twp, Delaware County September 1, 1845. Coming to Chester as a young man, he was engaged in business and conducted for more than 40 years one of its largest and most successful merchandising establishments.

Of native stock, always prominent in the development and success of the Community, his business acumen, industry and ability early attracted the attention of the active men of affairs and in 1888 he was made Director of this Bank,

Always couteous and well poised, his business activities and good judgement materially assisted in maintaining for the bank the secure position it enjoys today. His manliness, fair dealing, uprightness of Character and kindly disposition attracted to him a wide circle of friends.

The Board desires to record this minute of appreciation of his services to this institution and to expresss to his bereaved family the high esteem in which he was held by his fellow directors.

John Croyer Howard Roof Geo.M. Bunting

[Biographical Sketch]

Thanks to Anne Wiegle, awiegle@fast.net, great granddaughter, for sharing this obituary.

Anne provides the following clarification:

These John Martin Broomalls are very confusing:

JMB II was known during his lifetime as JMB Jr, although he was the nephew,
not son of JMB I. JMB I also had a son named JMB Jr, so there were two men
known as JMB Jr. alive at the same time. JMB Jr, (s.o. JMB I) had a son JMB III, who in turn had a son JMB IV.  My father is JMB V. There are altogether six JMB's.
I: the judge
Jr or II: My Gt. Grandfather
Jr: s.o. the judge
III: s.o. Jr
IV: s.o. III
V: My father, grandson of JMB II.

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