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Joseph Dalton, Jr.

Chester Times, Chester, PA
Friday, May 1, 1903
page 5

Joseph Dalton, Jr.

DALTON--At Philadelphia, on the 29th inst., Joseph Dalton, formerly of Upland, in his 64th year.

The relatives and friends of the family also Upland Lodge, No. 428, Knights of Pythias and Post Wilde, No. 25, G. A. R., are invited to attend the funeral services, on Saturday at 2:30 o'clock, in the Upland Baptist church. Interment at Upland Baptist Cemetery.

Chester Times--Chester, Pa.
Saturday, May 2, 1903
page 6.


Joseph Dalton, of Upland, whose death was reported in the Times yesterday is another of the citizens to whom this country owes Lasting gratitude. He was one of the boys who responded to the call of President Lincoln in the dark days of the Rebellion, when defenders were sorely needed that the Union might be preserved, and the country cannot honor these brave men too highly. To his record for bravery in time of danger, Mr. Dalton added that of probity and honesty of life. His word was never questioned and the people of his home town, who best know his worth, will honor his memory as one of the citizens who made the world better by living in it. Late in life he received recognition of his services and his worth by appointment to the position of postmaster of Upland, a post he filled with fidelity.

page 10.


Probable that Joseph Dalton, Jr., Will be Appointed as Successor to His Father.

It is very probable that Assistant Postmaster Joseph Dalton Jr., will succeed his father as postmaster of the borough. Mr. Dalton has been in charge of the office since the illness of his father began a year ago and has proved very efficient in the discharge of his duties.

Upland Deaths


Apr 30, 1903

Joseph Dalton, 63, heart disease,
6th St., Upland, Upland Baptist.


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