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George P. Malick

My name is Theresa Wolfe, my father, George Malick, loved this web site. In fact he loved Chester. I needed to somehow let his friends on this web site that he passed away this morning (July 26, 2002). He would want me to let you know that he had a good life and to remember him as a good friend. He was a terrific man with a tremendous heart.

Services will be held Monday July 29th at the Drinkwine Family Mortuary in Littleton Colorado. With burial at Fort Logan National Cemetery in Denver on Wednesday. If anyone would like to contact me, I would love to hear from you. My email is Mtsmz@ptdprolog.net. I am fairly local (Chester county, Pa).

Thank you all for being such great friends to my father. He loved you all.

Thank you to everyone who has responded to my families loss. My father is the world to me and I know that the questions I have will always be unanswered. I would just like you to know that my mother thanks all of you for being such good friends to my father. I know that he will be missed by everyone who loved to hear his stories and that knew him as a person. My parents would have given their life for their five children and their nine grandchildren. The life my parents made for each other and the love that they shared is something that I can at least have half of. My dad was the greatest person with the biggest heart of gold. I thank you all for being here for him and now in spirit for my mom. God Bless and may you all have the greatness my dad always said he had "a beautiful wife, five beautiful children" he always said that that made him the happiest and richest man in the world. Once again I would like to thank you. He would be so pleased with all the kind words.

 - Jennifer Malick Sierra, Denver, CO

[Obituary from the Denver Post-News]

Links to a couple of examples of George's humorous recollections:

Msgr. Klekotka and the false alarm

A field fire

Condolences from our OldChesterPa.com family:

Dear John,

I am saddened and shocked my the untimely death of George. We e-mailed each other on and off for a few months and I learned a lot about him, what I will remember most was his humor, he really made me laugh, we talked a lot about where we grew up, not far from each other and we were in Rez at the same time. I would like for you to send my condolences to the family from a former Chesterite who met him through your web-site. You know he posted under several fictitious names that he shared with me. I'm sure you are as shocked as I am, I will never forget his humor.

- Sincerely, Kate Brittian


Over the past 2 years many of us have gotten to know a man named George Malick. We have laughed at some of his life experiences and his ability to pass the humor of his passage thru life to all that read his memories. His journey here on earth has ended but he has left his "footprint" here on the OldChesterPa web site. His odd sense of humor (his words not mine) and his memories have added to ours. It has been our pleasure to have meet him again after all these years away from Chester. His death has stunned those of us in this NEWSSTAND family.

May God Bless and be with your family.

- Caroline


The news of George Malick’s sudden passing greatly saddens me. I became reacquainted with him through oldchesterpa.com. His sister, Dorothy, had graduated from Rez with me in the class of 1951. I learned from George that Dorothy had passed away suddenly in Dec of 2000. I spent many summer evenings on the Malick’s front porch on 4th Street with Dorothy and little Georgie (as he was called then).

- Jack, Rez '51, Ohio


Because of my interest in chat rooms and my wifes interest in Old Chester.com I had the pleasure of meeting a Great Online Friend. George Malick became a friend of mine after a few chats. I liked him right away because of his very matter of fact point of veiw. He really tried hard to get the chatroom going and keep it interesting. But George and I chated through instant messaging more then the chat room. I was very saddend by the news of his passing and i will miss chatting with him. I want to send my sympathy to his family.

- Tony, Upland, PA


I am sorry to read about George Malick passing away

- Florence


Meet Geo.Malkck on the net but knew him as a baby. BORN & BRED in the WEST END. GRADUATED IN 1941 from REZ . with his brother John.

- Dave, 3rd & Wilson, Ridley Twp., PA


To the Malick Family

My deepest sympathys to you all.

- Tammy, Upland, PA


This morning I was stunned to read of the passing of George Malick. I remembered him in prayer at Mass and will continue to do so. The day I first posted on this board he contacted me within the hour to make sure that I was "the Lee from Ward Street". He had just returned home from his sister Dorothy's funeral. We exchanged many e-mails and photos about our families, our careers, the old neighborhood, and this board. George was just a baby when I last saw him and I was so pleased that he turned out to be such a fine person. In his last e-mail to me he said he was coming "home" in August and was looking forward to visiting me in Maryland. Dave, Sher and I, all friends of the Malick family, extend our heartfelt sympathies.

- Lee Bennington


To the internet family and the Wife and Family of George Malick. I wish to express my deepest sadness that George has passed on. I new him as a Child in the City of Chester. He was a couple of years older than me. We became very close again when we found each other on the Old Chester Pa. web site. George was a military volunteer and a former fireman of Chester. George was a very kind considerate person. He will be greatly missed. Pete

- Peter Krasowski, Newfield, NJ


To all of george malicks family and friends i would like to send my condolences and prayers to you all....there was somewhat of a family tie for me since georges sister marie was once married to my father and they had a daughter, my half sister...just met george last year, but we got to speak many times via internet, he will be missed.

- Mike Silva, Key West, FL


I have been away on business and have not been able to check the board in a week. I was deeply saddened to hear of the death of George. Also, of Sen. Bell who was a friend of my dads. My condolences go out to both families. George hope your sitting at that grand old soda fountain in the sky looking down and smiling at all the fine memories you have left us. Thank You.

- Tom, CHS76, PA


I just returned from vacation and checked the board. Let me say how shocked I was at the passing of George Malick. Didn't know George long, actually we just met on here a few weeks ago. My sincere condolences to his family. He will be missed.

- Bob F.(STJ'60). NJ

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