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Col. Terrill E. Price

Newspaper Unidentified
Date handwritten in pencil is 1/4/1968

Colonel Prices Dies at 72
Former Aide to General

Funeral services were held Tuesday in Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington Va. for Col. Terrill E. Price, 72, (retired U.S. Army), son of the late Lt. General and Mrs. William Gray Price Jr., formerly of Chester and Ridley park.  He died in Gainesville, Fla, on Dec. 28 after a brief illness.

Colonel Price was born in Philadelphia and lived in Secane and Chester.

He was graduated from the Chester High School and the University of Pennsylvania.

He enlisted in the Pennsylvania National Guard in 1916 and served on the Mexican Border. He attended the Leavenworth Officers Training School in January 1917 and graduated three months later as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Regular Cavalry at the game [sic- must mean age] of 21, and was stationed in Columbus, N.M. He was made major in September, 1918, while preparing  for overseas service when the Armistice was declared.

He was aide de camp to Gen. Charles E. Muir for several years and a cavalry instructor to Pennsylvania National Guard.

He served in Iceland and overseas in World War II. He went to Korea prior to the Korean War, and had lived in Gainesville, Fla., since his retirement about 16 years ago.

Surviving are his widow, Helen; a daughter, Helen Elizabeth at home; three sons, Col. William G. Price 3rd, U.S.A.F., Maj. Dr. Terrill E. Price Jr., U.S.A.F. and Stanley P.E. Price of Arlington Va., and seven grandchildren; two brothers, J. P. Eyre Price of Scranton and W. Alrich Price of Chester; three sisters, Miss Elizabeth E. Price of Bryn Mawr, Mrs. H. Gilroy Damon of Wallingford, Nether Providence, and Mrs. Robert L. Granger of Greenwood, S.C.

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