Old Chester, PA: Platt-LePage Aircraft Co.

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Presidents: Dr. Wynn Laurence LePage (President)

Haviland Hull Platt (Vice President)

Company History: Platt-LePage Aircraft Company was started by Dr. Wynn Laurence LePage (president) and his partner Haviland Hull Platt (vice president).   Their company was formed in Nov. 1938, and located on the grounds of the Baldwin Locomotive Works by 1940. They were there till the company closed in Aug. 1946.

Platt-LePage received the first contract to build a military helicopter for the US Air Corps.  This historic machine XR-1  (Experimental Rotorcraft One) first flew May 1941, and helped start the helicopter industry in the area.

Frank Piasecki and other notable people in the rotary winged flight industry, got their start at Platt-LePage.

In addition Platt-LePage originated the Tilt-Rotor Concept, now being built down the road at Boeing as the V-22 Osprey.

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