Sacred Heart Hospital

Sacred Heart Hospital

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The original Sacred Heart Hospital
Photo from the Resurrection of our Lord 75th Anniversary book (1986),
courtesy of Marie L. Creedon,

Sacred Heart Hospital became a part of Crozer-Keystone Health System in 1992.
It is now Community Hospital.
2600 W. 9th Street
Chester, PA 19013

Administrators  | Other Staff | Historical Notes | Recollections

Administrators Mother M. Daniels (first administrator)
Other Staff The following are the Sisters I can remember.

Sr.M. Daniel
Sr. Mary Margaret

Director of Nursing
Sr. Nathaniel
Sr. Michael
Sr. Lois Ann
Sr. Concetta

Business Ofc.
Sr. Annunicata
Sr. Irenea

Sr. Charles
Sr. Evanglette

Sr. Ramona

Sr. Raymond

Sr. Angelis
Sr. Faith

Sr. Octavia

Pastoral Care
Sr. Lucien

2nd W. Supvr.
Sr. Liliosa

OR Supvr.
Sr. Lorentia

Peds. Supvr.
Sr. Annette
Sr. Barbara  Ann

Sr. Emeldine

Sr. Raymond

Supervisor Kitchen, Cafeteria
Sr. Dorothea

Supervisor, L&D
Sr. Sandra Lyon

Admission Supervisor
Sr. Valenta

Medical Record Supervisor
Sr. Elizabeth

Supervisor for 3rd shirt periodical
Sr. Salvatore


Fr. Elmer Leonard (He knew every employee by his first name) when he was the hospital chaplin.

Sr. Leonia

"I hope someone from the hospital that work there can fill in some names."

Historical Notes The following history is from Resurrection of Our Lord parish's 75th Anniversary book (1986), courtesy of Marie L. Creedon,

Wanting to care for his parishioners physically as well as spiritually, Father [Augustine L.] Ganster set out to establish a Catholic Hospital within the Parish boundaries.  For this purpose, in 1920 he purchased the Clayton Mansion and surrounding property at 9th and Wilson Streets from Judge Thomas J. Clayton.   Since it takes time to have the necessary papers drawn up and to raise the necessary funds, the property was rented out for several years.

On October 20, 1934, the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart were given permission to establish an institution for vising nurses, under the direction of Father Ganster.  They arrived on March 16, 1935 with Sister Ania, M.S.C. as the superioress.  She was assisted by Sister M. Cyrilla and Sister M. Sixta who were both nurses, and Sister M. Turibia who was in charge of domestic activities.  On March 19, 1935, they opened their doors for public inspection.  Due to the insufficient number of medically-trained Sisters to staff the hospital, it was forced to close within 18 months.  The Sisters still continued to live in the building while nursing the sick in their own homes.

In December, 1952, the property was transferred to the Bernardine Sisters of St. Francis who began converting the mansion into a 25-bed maternity hospital. It also contained a small first-aid room and a section of the north porch was set aside for overnight care of accident patients.

The administrators of Sacred Heart Hospital realized the need for a facility handling more than maternity care in the West End of the city.   As a result, a 203-bed general hospital was built on the Clayton property.   The original building was subsequently demolished.

In August, 1981, ground was broken for the addition of a new wing.  This new addition was dedicated in June, 1983 at which time the hospital was renamed the Sacred Heart Medical Center.  It is a fully accredited 240-bed, non-profit Catholic Community Hospital with a Medical/Dental Staff of approximately 300 and employs a staff of 975.  The Medical Center also provides primary family health care within the Chester community in the form of the Family Health Service Centers located throughout the city.

"Before the new bldg was erected ,The Bernadine Sisters started the hospital on the same site in a residence that was once occupied by a Judge in Chester.(Not sure of his name).  The picture of the residence, covers a wall that was in our social spot (on the left side of the Lobby in the new bldg.) Mother M Daniels was the first administrator to my knowledge.

Thanks to

Sacred Heart Hospital became a part of Crozer-Keystone Health System in 1992.
It is now Community Hospital, and featured services include:

     Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program
     Ambulatory Partial Hospital/Mental Health Services
     Substance Abuse Services
     Center for Family Health

Recollections "I am a registered nurse who lived on S. Eyre Dr. in Chester and my first nursing job after my graduation from Fitzgerald Mercy Hospital in 1959 was at Sacred Heart Hospital.  I remember walking in my dress up clothes and heels to the small maternity hospital in the old mansion for my interview in the summer of '59 before my graduation.

"I started there in September '59 when they had just moved the maternity patients to the new hospital and I worked nights in the nursery for about a month until we opened the rest of the facility.  I engraved many, many metal bedpans, wash basins and the like with the name of our unit 3 West.

"Sr. Concetta was our supervisor on 3rd West and East until she became Director of Nurses and Sr. Marietta took her place.  I am still in touch with Sr. Marietta who is now at their hospital in Hazelton.

"I enjoyed working at Sacred Heart and the sisters made sure each patient was treated with dignity and respect.

-Mary Ann Barrow, Villanova, Pa

"As a Child while I attended St. Hedwig Elem. School in Chester, I and my Mother worked doing volunteer work to help the new Hospital get a better new start.  As well as the 8th Grade class of 1960 we all worked removing the trash out of the building after they installed most of the medical equipment."

Pete Krasowski,

"I would just like to tell you I had my first child at the old hospital. It was on Labor Day 9/3/56 and the Nuns had a sign on the Delivery room door NO DELIVERIES ON LABOR DAY, so I guess the Nuns had a sense of humor. My baby was delivered by Dr. Mary DiMedio, Dr. Joseph DiMedio's daughter.

After whatever length of time it was time for me to be taken to my bed, which was on the ground floor (labor & delivery was on 2nd floor) they would call the Chester Police Dept. and Police Officers would come by and carry you down to your bed on a stretcher."



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