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Wetherill School Faculty 1956

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wetherill_faculty_1956_vaughan.jpg (171709 bytes)

Front row (left to right):

Adelaide Cornogg

Georgiana Bowen

Laura Dougherty (Principal)

Lib McClure

Elisabeth Cobourn

Second row (left to right):

Lydia Bliss

Thelma Hartman

Eleanor Bullock

Clara Nothnagle

Anne Holt

Third row (left to right):

Eunice Long

Lee Boffemmyer

Louise Casciano

Barrie Vaughan

John Smith

Mary Rinalat

Lavina Watkins

Kay Giles


Photo courtesy of Bob Vaughan, BBVAUGHAN@aol.com

2001 John A. Bullock III.
Graphic Details Publications

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