William Penn Elementary School Faculty

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William Penn faculty; Photo from the school's dedication program book courtesy of Bob Vaughan

Photo courtesy of Bob Vaughan

M. Albany
E. M. Berger
M. H. Collins
M. R. Courtney
J. H. Davis
M. G. Davis

M. M. Eckler
M. D. Franklin
R. S. Gaughens
N. S. Gilbert
J. M. Ginley
J. L. Grace, Jr.
W. D. Grayson
H. M. Greenhalgh
C. A. Hershberger
D. A. Kahlbaugh
A. E. Lewis
G. T. Lloyd
H. M. Newswanger
H. L. Russell, Jr.
Z. F. Smith
N. D. Sproat
C.Y. Stahl

The following were also teachers at Clayton prior to Wm. Penn. - 2

H.M Greenhalgh
H.M Newswanger [form. Miss Miller]
N.D. Sproat
C.Y. Stahl

2 - Paul Crowther

2002, 2004 John A. Bullock III.
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