The Slifer Phalanx
Company C, 1st Pennsylvania Reserves

"The Slifer Phalanx – so named in honor of Hon. Eli Slifer, then Secretary of the Commonwealth under Governor Curtin – was recruited in Chester, and was, for a time, quartered in City Hall, during the month of May, 1861. The following is the roll of the company, which was mustered into service as Company C, 1st Pennsylvania Reserves, or 30th of the line.

Chester (and its Vicinity,) Delaware County in PA – Published 1877 – John Hill Martin, Esq.
fully indexed by John A. Bullock III., Graphic Details Publications


Samuel A. Dyer, Captain

Joseph R. T. Coates, 1st Lieut.

John H. Taylor, Jr., 2nd Lieut



1. Jacob Keen Vaughan, Jr.

2. Edward Larkin

3. Wm. Olden Ridgway

4. John M. Thompson



1. John McDonald

2. Edward R. Ross

3. Edwin E. Flavill

4. John H. Williams




Samuel Ardes

Oliver C. Armstrong

James S. Ashbridge

Edward Butler

John Brophy

William Bradford

William Cunliff

William W. Dutton

John Devlin

Charles Dougherty

James Dougherty

David Donaldson

Thomas S. Everhart

Edward Elliott

George Fildes

Edward Farren

Michael Grady

Harry Hobaugh

John Huff

Edward Hickman

Isaac Helms

Samuel Hinds

Horace Hill

Archy Hamilton

Robert Henderson

John Johnson

William Lamey

Samuel Lord

James Lusby

Peter Miller

Robert Mills

Thomas Mills

Edward McCabe

Henry McCloskey

William McCay

Thomas McGarvey

James Pollock

John Porter

William C. Paist

Henry Rocth

William Rider

Thomas Rice

James Riley

John Roebuck

Matthew Roach

James Stewart

William Smith

Lane Schofield

Jesse Supplee

Andrew Shaw

John E. Smith

James Sanders

William Stillwell

John T. Schofield

James Stevenson

Joseph Turner

Thomas Vanzant

Abram R. Vanzant

Alfred G. Webb

George Warsley

Thomas Wilkinson

Samuel Williams

R. H. Welsh

Collins D. Walker

William Wood

2000 John A. Bullock III.

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