The Union Blues

"Among the companies raised for the three months’ service, under the first call of the General Government for troops, under the erroneous impression that the Southern rebellion was not going to be very formidable, was one raised in Chester, and organized at Harrisburg, April 23, 1861, called "The Union Blues," attached to the 9th Regiment of Infantry, Pennsylvania Volunteers."

Chester (and its Vicinity,) Delaware County in PA – Published 1877 – John Hill Martin, Esq.
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Henry B. Edwards, Captain

James G. Stacey, 1st Lieut.

William Blakeley, 2nd Lieut.



1. William B. Stevenson

2. John Beck

3. James Williams

4. William Eves



1. Isaac Weaver

2. William R. Thatcher

3. Charles Story

4. Jesse Cummings


Alexander King Fifer
Ezra Dansfield Drummer



John Booth

Joseph Barker

Joseph Brewster

Lewis Benner

John Barrowclough

Thomas Blythe

Isaac Badden

William H. Brown

David Burk

George Booth

Thomas W. Bruner

Edward Crowther

Joseph Collison

Samuel Cross

Daniel Crowther

James Cliff

Allen Carr

Frederick Cutler

Frederick Crider

Simeon Davis

John Doyle

William Elliott

Joseph Ettienne

Robert Fogg

John Farraday

Joseph Grooves

William P. Huff

James Hewes

George Helms

William F. Jester

James P. Kelly

Edward Kay

Jonathan Kershaw

Edward Lilly

Edward Lyons

Thomas McNamee

William McNeil

John Marshall

William Marlor

Samuel McDaniel

George McAffee

John C. Morton

John Philips

Daniel Pithie

Thomas F. Pierce

Anthony Quinn

Francis Rodrigos

Robert Raney

Samuel Shepherd

Francis Scott

Edgar Stephenson

William V. Shellinger

John Smith

Samuel Smith

Thomas Toy

Joseph Taylor

Richard Turner

George W. Wilson

Joshua L. Wilson

John Wagner

Robert Wright

Alfred Woodhead

George Weigan

Reed L. Weaver

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