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Harry Ogden Baxter

Harry Ogden Baxter

(A biographical sketch by Lee Bennington, RLBenni@netscape.net)

Harry Ogden Baxter was the only Moyamensing fireman to die in the line of duty in World War II. He was killed by enemy shellfire on Christmas Day 1944 in the Battle of the Bulge and is buried in a military cemetery in Belgium.

I have been in contact with his sister, Mrs Jane McCoy, who now lives in Florida. She tells me that her teenage brother came from Boothwyn to live with her in Chester. She had an apartment on the second floor above Joan's Studio on Ninth St. across from the firehouse. George "Eddie" Watson got the boy to join the Moya Jrs where he served until eligible to join the "big" company. He was so taken with the fire company that he stayed there night and day, helping wherever he was asked, making all the calls and getting to know the people on all the shifts.

He was extremely popular with all the fire crews and his death was taken very hard. There was an American Legion Post started in Chester and named the Harry O. Baxter Memorial Post. (Don't know where the post is now). Mrs McCoy still has the charter.

One of the Moya drivers, Hartley Heywood, named a son after him, Harry O. Baxter Heywood.





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