Moyamensing Hook & Ladder Company
9th & Upland/Potter St., Chester, PA

Moyamensing Hook & Ladder Company, Chester and Vicinity  1914 by Hy. V. Smith

Photo from Chester and Vicinity 1914 by Hy. V. Smith

9th & Upland/Potter St.
Chester, PA

More pictures of Moyamensing Fire Apparatus, courtesy of William H. Crystle, 3rd,,
from the Jack Robrecht collection.

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History: Moyamensing Hook & Ladder Company
9th & Upland/Potter

Instituted April 7, 1868; incorporated February 28, 1870
First truck and hose carriage was presented to it by the Moyamensing Company of Philadelphia.

The new Moyamensing Fire House was dedicated on May 23, 1953.

It currently houses Jack Clark & Sons Rubbish Removal service.

Known Members:
Name Dates Position Comments/Recollections
ALDEN, Lewis 1950    
BAXTER, Harry Ogden - 8     The only Moyamensing member to die in the line of duty in World War II.


CORNISH, Henry      
DEVLIN, James     Later a Chester Fire Chief

Second assistant chief January 1944 and December 1945

Devlin was also the city's building inspector.

[December 4, 1945 news article]

DIGGINS, Frank      
DIGGINS, Edward (Eddie)      
DIGGINS, Joe - 7      
EAVES, William 1950    
EDMUNDS, Robert "Reds" - 10      
GAMBLE, Dave      
GRESCH, John (Jack) - 6     "I was a Moya Jr. since I was 14 I'm now 48. I was past chief of the Jr. and past Lt. in the senior company when I was a volunteer.  Now I'm a Captain in the Chester Fire Dept with 24 yrs."
GUZZO, Rocco - 1      
HAAS, Richard - 6      
HAAS, Robert - 6      
HAMILTON, Jack - 5 c. 1930-1956    
HEYWOOD, Hartley 1949 Driver  
HINCKLEY, John - 1      
HILL, Edward "Lumpy" - 1      
LAMB, James      
LAMEY, Edward late 50's into the 60's Driver  
LEE, Ricky - 6      
LEE, Roddy - 6      
LITTLEY, Daniel M. - 1 1960    
LYKENS, Jim - 7     "My dad, Jim Lykens was an honorary member and also did a short stint driving the coffee wagon and serving as Chief of the Juniors. Sadly he passed away suddenly in his sleep on July 26, 1998."

- Pat Lykens

McMAHON, Clarence "Butch" - 1      
MAYS, Mark - 6      
MULLINS, "Moon" -1      
NASSINO, Gessie Duke - 9      
NEWS, Albert - 8     President December 1945

[December 4, 1945 news article]

OGDEN, Robert     Later a Chester Fire Chief
PEET, Harry - 5 1930-1956    
POTTER, G. W.     President c. 1903
SHROPSHIRE, Dave - 6      
SHROPSHIRE, Steven - 6      
TAYLOR, John W.      
TOPPIN, Alexander "Jiggs" - 8     "Alexander "Jiggs" Toppin, good friend and boarder of George Watson was a longtime member of the Moya's and a paid driver before George was a driver. Mr.Toppin was in the Army in WWI and in WWII. He is buried in Soldier's Circle at Chester Rural Cemetery."

- Lee Bennington

TRUAX, Raymond      
WATRAS, Julian Jule - 9      
WATSON, George Edward ("Ed", "Smokey") - 8   Foreman for many years, later a paid driver, the tillerman of the hook and ladder. "George Edward Watson was a lifetime member of the Moyamensing Hook and Ladder Company, serving as foreman for years. Later in life he became a paid driver, actually was the tillerman of the hook and ladder. "Ed", as he was known, was driver when the companies were unionized. He was a charter member of the union. There was a great picture on the front page of the Chester Times the day after the Upland Baptist Church fire of a fireman on the top of a fully extended aerial ladder throwing water on the steeple. That was "Smokey" Watson (another nickname). I will try to find a copy of that picture."

[December 4, 1945 news article]

- Lee Bennington

WATSON, Harry - 8   Tillerman of the hook & ladder "Harry Watson, a brother to George, was a longtime Moya member. He was tillerman of the hook and ladder before George."

- Lee Bennington

WATSON, Jimmy - 8     "Jimmy Watson, a cousin to George and Harry, was a running member of the Moya's. He later moved to Eddystone and became a member there."

- Lee Bennington            

WELSH, Fred 1950    
WILLIAMS, Ron      
WINFREE, Wes - 3 ?-1941-1959-?    
WORRILOW, Larry - 6      
WORRILOW, Sr., Thomas - 6      
WORILLOW, Jr., Thomas - 6, 9      
ZANZINGER, Edward - 1      

See also a List of Deceased Members of Chester Fire Departments courtesy of Florence E. O'Bryan,

Known Junior
Chester Times Photo of Moyamensing Juniors, April 1957 courtesy of Herb Grubb

Among known members of the "Moya Juniors":

Chuck Arthur - 13

Harry Ogden Baxter - 8 [Biography]

Rodney Bowers - 11

David Burns - 13

Newman Calhoun - 13

Medford Cathcart - 12 [Picture]

Dave Cornich - 12 [Picture]

Bill Creilly - 2

Bobby Diggins - 13

Eddie (Squeaks) Diggins - 13

Raymond Diggins, Sr. (member 1964-68) - 13

Tommy Diggins -13

Charlie Dodds - 13

Bob Edmunds - 12

Mike Everett - 13

John (Jack) Gresch - 6

"I was a Moya Jr. since I was 14 I'm now 48. I was past chief of the Jr. and past Lt. in the senior company when I was a volunteer.  Now I'm a Captain in the Chester Fire Dept with 24 yrs."

Herb Grubb - 12 [Picture]

Rocco J. Guzzo, Jr.

John Herrera - 13

Billy Hibbert - 13

Richard Hinckley / Hinkly - 12

John Hladasz, Sr. (member 1964-68) - 13

Stephen McGrady - 11

Joe Melligan - 12 [Picture]

Brian Mincy - 11

Joseph "Sonny" Parvis, Jr. - 4

"Sonny is my mother-in-law's brother and she said he worked on the coffee wagon and spent many "wonderful" hours at the Fire Company.   Unfortunately, Sonny passed away in 1992 in Georgia."

Herbert Redman - 8
     [December 4, 1945 news article]

Richard Replogle - 12 [Picture]

Joseph C. Simmons - 11

"I have great memories of the Moyamensing Jrs. I was a member in the early 80's along with John Thompson, Brain Mincy, Stephen McGrady and Rodney Bowers and others. It was a great experience that help me out in life especially growing up in Chester at that time. I still remember some of the paid and volunteer old timers. I still have my Jrs. Captain badge."

Don Tees - 13

John Thompson - 11

Julian Jule Watras - 9

Ronnie Williams - 12 [Picture]

Thomas Worrilow, Jr. - 9

Thanks to the following for their contributions to this page:

1 - Dan Littley
     "Also of note, many of these members started as members of the Moyamensing Junior Fire Co. which was called out to many of the multi-alarm fires, the light airplance crash on the old PMC football field, draggings for drowning victims, etc."

2 - Bill Crielly

3 - John Winfree, son

4 - Loretta Rodgers

5 - Peggy Lewis, daughter of Harry Peet

6 - John (Jack) Gresch

7 - Pat Lykens & Marge Lykens (daughter and widow of Jim Lykens)

8 - Lee Bennington

9 -

10 - Ken Edmunds, son of Robert "Reds" Edmunds

11 - Joe Simmons

12 - Herb Grubb, Niceville, FL

13 - Ray Diggins

If you have any information and or pictures that you would like to contribute about the history of this fire company, please forward it to

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