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Joseph W. deFuria


Joseph W. deFuria

(Scanned from A History of Rose Valley - Published by Borough of Rose Valley - Copyright 1973)


Judge Joseph W. deFuria resides with his wife, Mary, at 74 Todmorden Drive in Rose Valley. Judge deFuria was born in Chester, Pennsylvania, on February 18, 1911. He was a graduate of Chester High School, where he was a member of the track, soccer and football teams, and his interest in sports, particularly in tennis and handball, continues to this day. His musical and dramatic interests also date from his youth. He is an amateur musician and has played with several local symphony groups. He still enjoys chamber music and participates whenever he can.

From high school days on, he developed an attachment for the theater. As a director with the Swarthmore Players Club, he frequently employed the histrionic abilities of lawyers and judges, but due to press of other affairs he was forced to abandon his association with the Club.

After graduation from high school, he attended the University of Pennsylvania, where both of his brothers had preceded him. In 1932, he graduated with honors and was admitted to the University of Pennsylvania Law School. After receiving his degree in law in 1935, be became associated with the firm of deFuria and LBrkin.

From the first, he was a busy lawyer. He had an extensive civil and criminal practice, but gradually began to specialize in governmental law. He was solicitor for boroughs, townships, authorities, the City of Chester, and the County of Delaware. He was elevated to the Bench on January 1, 1968.

Throughout his legal career, he devoted much time to public service and Bar Association activities. He is proud of the new Delaware County Bar Association Building - a model of its kind throughout the State-which he guided to completion as chairman of the Building Committee.

He has a deep respect for the judicial office, feeling that it affects the lives of many, both directly and indirectly. Judge deFuria has earned the reputation among members of the Bar as a competent and compassionate jurist.

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