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Lt. Col. Anthony S. Della Monica

Lt. Col. Anthony S. Della Monica

Chester TImes photograph courtesy of Rose Marie (Della Monica) Holodick, Wilmington, DE

Lt. Col. Anthony S. Della Monica

(A biographical sketch from a Chester Times story contributed by his niece, Rose Marie (Della Monica) Holodick, Wilmington, DE)

Newsboy to Air Force Officer

By Don Murdaugh

CHESTER - It has been some 20 years since Anthony S. Della Monica stood under the Pennsylvania Railroad Bridge at 6th and Market sts. and heard the trains rumble by overhead as he sold newspapers from the familiar stand.

They have been a busy 20 years for Della Monica, now 42.

Since the late 1930's he has become more accustomed to the roar of aircraft motors.

This month, the former news vendor was promoted to lieutenant colonel in the Air Force.

Della Monica, commander of the 63rd Supply Squadron at Donaldson Air Force Base, Greenville, S.C., has traveled far and wide since he left Chester in 1941.

His 18 years service, first in the old Army Air Corps, then in the Air Force have taken him to Europe, Japan and South Vietnam.

Starting out as an enlisted man, he rose through the ranks to his present grade in the regulars.

Tony started selling papers at the Market st. location when he was about 13. His brother, Frank, now 45, of 1027 Butler st. was the first in the business.


They were joined by a third brother, Nicholas L. Jr., now 39, of 1714 Walnut st.

The three operated the stand on a shift basis from 1930 to about 1941. Anthony left about 1939 to work for Atlantic Steel Castings Co. before going into the Army Air Corps in 1941.

Frank, now a route man for Delco Distributors of Chester went to Sun Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co. during the war and Nicholas manned the stand until 1941. He also went to Sun Ship, then entered the army in 1944.

During much of the time the Della Monicas operated the stand, the Reynolds brothers, Leo J. and John J. of 2526 Lindsay st., also sold papers there.

The Della Monicas would operate it on one shift, the Reynolds on another. Leo, 38, and John, 43, still are at the familiar spot.

Anthony, who has spent virtually all of his service career in administrative work, saw duty in England, Africa and Italy during World War II.

While in Naples, he and Nicholas met for a short time. Nicholas, who now is a partner in the Office Supply Co. at 20 W. 5th st., saw combat in the infantry in Italy during the war.


He was awarded the Bronze Star when he repaired an essential communications wire under fire.

Following the war, Anthony returned to the states and served in Ohio for a few years before being sent to Japan for two years. He was reassigned to Florida.

In September of 1956, he was sent to South Vietnam where he served in Saigon until last November. He was a liaison officer with the U.S. Embassy in Saigon.

Returning again to this country, he was given his present assignment.

He is married and has three children.

Anthony comes from a large family. His parents Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas L. Della Monica of 802 W 5th st., have four sons and three daughters.

The other son is Samuel, also of Chester. The daughters are Mrs. Grace Scattolini and Mrs. Josephine Stachini, both of Milmont, and Mrs. Edith Moffa of Chester.

Back in the 1930's when he sold papers as a boy, Anthony S. Della Monica probably little dreamed that he would, in his own way, help make the headlines of the future.






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