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Charles S. Folwell


Charles S. Folwell

(A biographical sketch taken from One Hundred Years, The Delaware County National Bank Chester, PA 1814-1914)

Charles S. Folwell, second cashier, elected December 15, 1834, but did not assume the actual duties of the office until January 1, 1835, was at that time a man of forty, who had for a number of years held a clerkship in the Bank of the United States, in Philadelphia. Because of his experience in that institution, he was elected cashier, although among a long list of competitors for the place were such well-known local men as Dr. Samuel Anderson, William Martin, Jesse J. Maris, John E. Zeilin, and Frederick J. Hinkson. Mr. Folwell introduced many improvements in the executive management of the corporation, and became popular with the general public as well as the customers of the bank; hence, general regret was felt in the community, when, on March 3, 1836, he resigned to accept a more lucrative position in the Bank of the United States. Mr. Folwell's subsequent career is wholly identified with Philadelphia business interests. He died in Germantown December 28, 1875, aged 80 years. 





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