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Fredia Gibbs

Fredia Gibbs; Photo courtesy of TEAM Gibbs
Fredia Gibbs,
Chester High Class of '81

Photograph courtesy of
TEAM Gibbs

Fredia Gibbs

(A biographical sketch by Craig Rainey, CraigyFled86@aol.com

"Fredia Gibbs went to school with me and A.J.at Chester High in the late 70's early 80's, and ran track for Mr. Bennie's Chester Blazers with us when we were very young. Fredia ran track, played basketball and got a scholarship to Temple University in 1982.

After playing pro ball overseas for awhile, Fredia got into kickboxing.  Fredia went on to become the first black woman to ever win the World Championship in women's kickboxing (a very huge accomplishment). She is affectionately known as the Cheetah.  Fredia has been featured on the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire with Will Smith, and is also a model and actress.  Her latest film is called Knockout."

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Fredia Gibbs, "Jack" Johnson; Courtesy of TEAM Gibbs
Courtesy of TEAM Gibbs




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