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Richard Wetherill

Richard Wetherill

Photograph from
"Who's Who in Delaware County 1926",
a publication of the Chester Times

Richard Wetherill

(A biographical sketch from "Who's Who in Delaware County 1926", a publication of the Chester Times. )

Richard Wetherill, of Chester, President of the Chester National Bank, is one of the pioneers who made possible this great industrial center.  Just what the name Wetherill meant to the iron and steel industries, a score or more years ago, is now history.  As manufacturers of the Corliss Engines, the name Wetherill is known throughout the world.  For more than a decade Mr. Wetherill has devoted his time to banking.  He is Vice-President of the Cambridge Trust Company, in addition to being President of the Chester National Bank.  He serves on the directorate of several banks and public utility companies.  His one hobby is business.  He was born in 1850, on September 28th.  His family consists of his wife, two daughters and two sons.  In politics he is a Republican, and is a member of the Episcopal Church.   He is a member of the Masonic fraternity, and his clubs are the Union League, Philadelphia, Chester, Springhaven Country, and Seaview Golf Club of Absecon, N.J.


Note: Richard Wetherill's home was located at the southwest corner of 14th & Potter Streets.




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