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Louisa Deshong Woodbridge

Louise Deshong Woodbridge; Photo taken on her porch at  1401 Potter St..tif (2049000 bytes)

Louisa Deshong Woodbridge

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Photograph courtesy of
Widener University Art Collection & Gallery, Alfred O. Deshong Collection

Louisa Deshong Woodbridge

Wife of Jonathan Edwards Woodbridge

Sister of Alfred O. Deshong

Daughter of John O. Deshong & Emeline Terrill Deshong

Born February 6, 1848, died October 31, 1925

For more about Louisa Deshong Woodbridge, see the "Deshong Family" from Louis J. Warfel's (loujwarfel@juno.com) My Book of Old Chester

Pictures of the Woodbridge home at 1401 Potter Street, now a part of the Widener University campus.





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