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Perry Alexander Wright

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Perry Alexander Wright

(A biographical sketch from an unidentified source, contributed by Karen Jacobs, J. Lewis Crozer Library, Chester, PA)

Perry Alexander Wright was born in Cecil County, MD, on January 30, 1832. His parents, Emory and Matilda Wright, were free people, as were all of their people, and well to do. From a child Mr. Wright was a strong, reliable character. His parents and neighbors recognized him as such. At the age of sixteen years he embraced religion and joined the A. M. E. Church. He was married to Eliza Douglass January 6, 1858, who bore him nine children, five of whom are living. Mrs. Wright died in 1911. In 1865 Mr. Wright enlisted in the army. There his strong Christian character shone forth brightly. It has often been told how he would assemble the men and have prayer-meeting, and many a sick and wounded man was the better for having come in contact with him. In 1869 he moved to Chester, PA, where he at once interested himself in the church. He has always been a strong pillar in Murphy's A. M. E. Church. In 1909, when the church went under the sheriff's hammer, Mr. Wright put up his own valuable property to save the church. He is one of our best-known colored business men, and is especially popular among the young people, who lovingly call him Uncle Perry. He is of a genial disposition. One son is Dr. Wright, of Chicago, while a daughter, Mrs. Baker, is one of the most useful members of Bethel Church, New York.

Note: Perry Wright School, Chester Township, was named for Mr. Perry A. Wright





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