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Old Chester, PA: Shooster's Restaurant

Sketch of Shooster's Restaurant courtesy of Stephen Shooster

A letter from Harry & Herman Shooster about the newly remodeled SHOOSTER'S Restaurant

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Thanks to Stephen Shooster, shoosty@bellsouth.net, for sharing this letter apparently written when Shooster's was renovated:

The very best in food, at rates well within your budget, appetizingly prepared and served promptly.

Dear Customer:

The new SHOOSTER'S, is in every sense of the word YOUR own drive-in, conceived from your needs and wishes; planned for your comfort, convenience and pleasure; made possible by your loyal support and patronage.

You will find all the room you need, either parked outside on our expanded well lit parking lot, or comfortably seated inside the spacious 7500 sq. ft. building.

You will be able to see "what's cookin'", for the walls will be almost two thirds plate glass, in attractive panel form, while the gleaming and spotless stainless steel kitchen and its well-trained attendants will be subject to your inspection at all times.

You will find the carefully placed shrubbery and landscaping pleasing from any parking position, and when you prefer company you will find protection from the worst of weather, when entering or leaving the restaurant, in the wide colored concrete walkway with its sheltering canopy. Inside, the "floating" comfort of foam rubber seating with ample leg-room ... the soft pastel colors with scientific lighting which will permit clear vision without strain or glare ... the convenient and well-appointed lounges ... the quick and courteous waitress who tries to anticipate your every need ... and the soothing strains of music by "Muzak" all combine to afford you the utmost in dining pleasure.

Extremes in weather will fade away when you are inside for the best in heating equipment, plus Frigidaire air conditioning, will provide just the right temperature and degree of humidity for your comfort and health. Those who serve you also benefit from the best of facilities for their health and well-being, which may explain the ready smiles and pleasant dispositions which contribute so much toward prompt, intelligent and painstaking service.

Every member of the family will enjoy the new SHOOSTER'S, even the baby, for bottle warmers, strained foods, bibs, comfortable and scientific high chairs - with every precaution for complete safety - will be available.

Best of all is the new menu, which will be expanded to include a host of items not previously available. If you like jumbo shrimp, it will be served to you ocean-fresh. Like chicken-in-a-basket? We'll serve you the finest you've ever tasted (and you can use your fingers with the assurance that everyone else will do the same). When you order hot foods they'll be hot; while cold foods will be served really cold. Plan to take home a snack for "mom" - it will be packaged for your convenience.

We could go on and on like this, but space and your time are limited. Besides, you'll be able to find out all these things -- and more -- when your new drive-in is complete. It will be almost impossible to miss seeing the lovely California redwood building, if you are anywhere in the vicinity of 9th and Flower Streets, in Chester -- where route 322 and route 13 intersect, near the Chester Bridgeport Ferry. We'll be looking for you!

Sincerely Yours,

Harry Shooster
Herman Shooster

P.S. Your suggestions and comments are welcome at any time and will be greatly appreciated.

Statement of Policy:

"Your complete satisfaction and pleasure is our goal. We shall consistently and conscientiously strive to provide you, our customer, with the very finest food, facilities, and service. We are proud to acknowledge and accept our responsibilities as members of the American restaurant industry."

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2002 John A. Bullock III.

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