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Chester High School: Class of 1913

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Many thanks to Betty-Jane Bennett Smith, Smith9697@aol.com, for typing and sharing the following:

History of the
Class of 1913
Back in 1913  it was called The Spectrum Annual  Published every year by the
Senior Class of the

June 1913

Class Officers

President - James R. Bagshaw

Vice President - Helen E. Ickes

Treasurer - Paul R. Gibson

Secretary - Edna R. Ryder

Class Members From my father's Spectrum-:  (Annual)



Frances Hawke Baker (France)

Helen Gill Lathem (Pat)

Grace Ethel Blake

Anna Marie Clausen

Helen May Hodge (Nell)

Delia Derah Hunt

Helen Eugenie Ickes (Ickie)

Katharine Augusta Lewis

Virginia Lewis Murphy (Ginie)

Edna Myrtle Powell (Nes)

Elizabeth Gartside Pedrick (Beth)

Edna Muriel Ryder (Ed.)

Mary Gretta Tweltridge

Wilkins Noble Wilkins

Gertrude Loughead Wright (Dudie)


(This the order in which the names appeared in the book:)

John Wilde Shaw (Quack)

William Atherholt (Soup)

James Bagshaw (Push)

Joseph Barrett (Joe)

John Bennett (Benny)

John Brennen (Inky)

Walter Cochrane (Walt)

Edward Davis (Eddy)

Wesley Dowdy (Wes)

James Alfred Francis, etc., Glenney (Jimmy)

Paul Raymond Gibson (Gibby)

John Joseph Killoran (Finny, Yap)

James Clarence Lukens (Luke)

James McLean (Jimmy)

Ferris Wood Mitchell (Mich)

Warren Pierce (Weary)

Thompson Price (Tommy)

Robert Rankin (Robby)

Max Clarence Reinhardt (Dutch)

David Rose (Dave)

Harry Shusman (Shusy)

Charles Herbert Wallis (Charlie)

Burns Pritchard (Duke)

If you have any information and or pictures that you would like to contribute about the history of Chester High, please forward it to john@oldchesterpa.com

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