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Chester High School: Class of 1918

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Class History  |  Graduation Program  |  Class Officers  |  Class Members

Fourty-fourth annual Commencement exercises held Tuesday June 25, 1918 at 8:00 at The Washington Theatre

History of the
Class of 1918
Graduation Program: 1. Orchestra

2. Invocation... Rev. B. D. Stelle

3. Orchestra

4. Address... Dr. Charles A. Wagner

5. Orchestra

6. Address... Hon. S. B. Fess, Member of Congress from Ohio

7. Orchestra

8. Presentation of Diplomas... Mr. John Butterworth, President of the Board of Education

9. (a) Award of Prizes

9. (b) Award of Sproul Scholarship

Class Officers  
Class Members The 75 members of the Class of 1918:

Helen Paulina Baekey

Bessie Natalie Beaumont

George Thomas Bleakley

Louis Arthur Bloom

Thomas Frederick Bonsall

Andrew Malcolm Bryant

Agnes Gertrude Buckley

John Gibson Butterworth

Phoebe Osborn Clegg

John Edward Clyde

Mary Bardsley Cobourn

Marian Lavenia Conn

Marion Viola Crothers

Charles Howard Curry

Abraham Davidowitz

George Milner DeLaney

George Joseph Diggins, Jr.

Mary Elmira Drummond

Dorothy Frances Eschbach

Sarah Gellis Federman

Jacob Boon Gallager

Evelyn Cecilia Glenney

Anna Goldberg

Ernest Stanton Graham

Helen Dales Hays

Erma Dorothy Hoffecker

Ralph Leslie Hood

Herbert Richard Howells

Lucy Jefferis

Harry Dewey Johnson

Ella Beatrice Kirven

Margaret Gourley Kunkel

Mildred Townsend Lamey

Jeannette Charlotte Levy

Margaret Tyson Lewis

WIlliam Sproul Lewis

Helen Crozier Marker

Hannah Bell Mason

Charles Green McAnally

John Raymond McCain

Helen Elizabeth McCullen

Russell Cooper Miller

Sarah Ellen Murphy

Warren Harvey Ogden

William James Padgett

Charles Mervin Palmer

Henry Perelman

John Burton Plumb

Alice Wisel Powell

Idelia Iantha Quann

Margaret May Quann

John Henderson Rankin

Ann Beatrice Reilly

John Bunyan Robinson

David Rosenstein

S. Leonard Rosenthal

Edward Jackson Rutter

Warren Kingdon Shepherd

Mary Wilmot Smedley

John Colbourn Smith

Mary Graham Smith

Frances Marylu Smith

Meta Spackman

Helen Spencer

John Leech Stainton

Paul Stein

Helen Wesley Stelle

Regina Louise Strain

Ernest Moody Straubel

Marie Elizabeth Thomas

Anna Margaretta Uff

Marian Ethel Way

Freeda Alice Wilcox

Mildred Evelyn Wilde

James Ralph Wright

Many thanks to Janet Andrews Moulder of Wilmington, DE for allowing us to borrow her Mother's collection of Annuals (1915-1918) and to Caroline for spending the time to key in the Faculty lists and share them with us!


George W. Gulden

Mary A. Manwaring
Taylor Business School

Ray M. Minott
North Bennington, Vermont, H.S. Rutland Vermont, Business College, Rochester, NY Business Institute
Head of Commercial Department

Mary L. Morrow
Chester High School, University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Summer School of Methods
Commercial, English

George W. Pedlow, Ph.B.
Dickinson College, University of Pennsylvania

Marguerite Poronto
Rutland High School, Rochester Business Institute, Gregg School
Shorthand, Office Training, Typewriting

Laura E. Reaney
Chester High School, University of Pennsylvania
Head of Department of Science, Physics, Chemistry

Ella W. Rennie
S. Chester High School, S. Chester Normal Course, Gregg Certificate
Typewriting, Stenography, Calbulation, Business Practice, Spelling, Office Training

M. Lillian Ross
Upland High School, Coombs' Conservatory of Music, Cornell University
Director of Music

Ada Schlichter, A. B. 
Ursinus College
English, Public Speaking

Willis E. Seiders, B. S. 
University of Pennsylvania
English, Latin, Algebra

Jessie W. Sharp
West Chester State Normal School, Banks' Business college
Typewriting, Spelling, Business Forms

James E. Spitznas Ph. B.
Dickinson College
English, Latin

Paul Snyder
Philadelphia Business College
Commercial Arithmetic, Spelling, Business Forms, Penmanship and Rapid Calculation

Doris V. Stein
Temple University

Margaret C. Stetser
Chester High School, University of Pennsylvania
Penmanship, Arithmetic, Calculation

Florence Williams
Chester High School, Boice School of Expression, University of Pennsylvania
Head of Department of English


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