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Chester High School: Class of 1923

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History of the
Class of 1923
The time has arrived when the class of 1923, as a body of students, must bid farewell to Chester High School.   After four years of instruction, friendship and happiness obtained within the walls of our Alma Mater, our success is assured in meeting still greater opportunities.

In September, 1919, the portals of Chester High School were opened to witness the entrance of a large class of Freshmen - green as can be imagined.  By October the class was organized under Miss Reaney's supervision.  Officers elected were: Leroy Shackleton, president; Weston Stelle, vice-president; Margaret Spencer, secretary; Clyde Yarnall, treasurer.

As Freshmen, Twenty-three had only one member, Christopher Crook, prominent in football; but still there was hope for other activities.   Excellent material was presented for basketball and baseball, and due to this, we had successful teams.  One member, Francis McLaughlin, won the official "C" for track.  Our last undertaking was made socially, when our class entertained the public with the Schumann Glee Club from Philadelphia.

In September, 1920, we returned to Chester High as Sophomores, but more courageous than the previous year.  Officers elected for the ensuing year were: Weston Stelle, president; Margaret Howard, vice-president; Esther Howard, secretary; David Rosenblatt, treasurer.

This year we took a greater interest in school activities.   Christopher Crook, Morton Stowe and Crosby Black received the official "C" for football.  Donald Kriebel received the official "C" for basketball, and Samuel Warren also one for baseball.  The class had both a girls' and a boys' basketball team.  Twenty-three took an interest in social events and held two successful class parties this year.

The next year, 1921, we returned as great big Juniors to dear Chester High.  To lead us through this dangerous year, we elected the following officers: Clyde Rothfuss, president; Ella Lee, vice-president; Freda Garrison, secretary; Harold Lloyd, treasurer.

As Juniors, we had both a boys' and a girls' debating team.  This year the class held the customary Junior dance, which was a great success.  Next, we received our class rings after many lively discussions as to design.

In athletics such men as Crook, Stowe and Mullen proved bright lights in football; many others aided the team as subs.  Hanley, Kriebel and Crook rendered great service to the basketball team.  Warren and Mullen played on the major baseball team.  The girls had a basketball team, of which many members also cooperated with the major team.

Socially we took our stand and held an enjoyable class party in the cafeteria.  We must also remember the Junior Recital of the Purple and Gold, which was one of our greatest tasks of the Junior year.

On the ninth of September, 1922, we returned to Chester High, not as green Freshmen, bold Sophomores, daring Juniors, but as dignified Seniors, loyal and bound to do or die for our Alma Mater.  The officers elected to guide us through this treacherous sea were: Oliver Robinson, president; Mildred Connell, vice-president; Mary McCloskey, secretary; Thomas Mangan and Harold Lloyd, treasurers.

The first brilliant affair conducted as Seniors was our reception to the Freshmen on November third.  At this event, members of the class gave a play entitled "Cousin Julia's Jade Earring," which was greatly enjoyed.   Our second event in the social arena was the Victory dance held on November eleventh, in Library Hall.

Members of the class proved themselves worthy in the debating team, and therefore debated in public.  The girls' team was composed of: Elizabeth Mirkil, captain; Mary Brown and Mary McCloskey, associates, and Elizabeth Miller, alternate.  Members of the boys' team were: Minter Norton, captain; Scott Schiller and Oliver Robinson, associates, and Harold Lloyd, alternate.  At this writing the girls' team has won the public debate.

Our class, ever in the athletic world, possessed members of ability.  Such men as Captain Crook, Morton Stowe, Jack Thompson, Arthur Mergy, manager, received the official "C" for football.

John Hanley, Samuel Warren, Christopher Crook and Manager Stowe aided the major basketball team.  On the girls' major team Ella Lee, captain; Dorothy Smith and Lydia Newsome proved bright lights.  Many Senior girls also acted as subs for the team.  Mildred Connell was manager of the major basketball team and worked faithfully.

At the time of this writing, we are looking forward to a trip to Washington, a Class Day, and above all, a Commencement Day, which shall be our greatest joy.  This will complete a four years' course, which has been profitably and happily spent.  It is with regret that we leave Chester High as students, but in our memories our Alma Mater shall ever dwell.

Evelyn F. Allcutt

Class Officers

Freshman Year

President - Leroy Shackleton

Vice President - Weston Stelle

Secretary - Margaret Spencer

Treasurer - Clyde Yarnall

Sophomore Year

President - Weston Stelle

Vice President - Margaret Howard

Secretary - Esther Howard

Treasurer - David Rosenblatt

Junior Year

President – Clyde Rothfuss

Vice President – Ella Lee

Secretary – Freda Garrison

Treasurer – Harold Lloyd

Senior Year

President – Oliver Robinson

Vice President – Mildred Connell

Secretary – Mary McCloskey

Treasurers - Thomas Mangan & Harold Lloyd

Class Members Richard P. Aikin

Evelyn Allcutt - "Kitty," "Evey," "Ev"

George Arscott - "Peanut"

Kirk M. Barrowclough

Clara Harper Bishop - "Clare," "Bishop"

Ida Bourn - "I" "Ide"

Lucille Boyer - "Boots"

Harold Brody

Mary Brown - "Molly"

Mildred Campbell Bruce - "Mil"

Samuel Bryant

Mildred Bryde - "Billy"

Mildred B. Burns - "Middy" "Mil" "Burnsey"

William Busby - "Bill" "Bus"

George Cantwell - "Cant-well"

Margaret Carson - "Pet" "Marg"

James Casey

Mary Chase

Charles Clodonski - "Skeets"

Joseph Cabots

James M. Cohen - "Jimmy"

Ida Mae Collins - "Boobs"

Mildred Connell - "Connie"

Dorothy L. Cooper - "Dot"

Christopher Crook

Ira R. Daft - "Ick," "Ireland"

Anna Demikiev - "Annie"

Marian Clayton Durborrow - "Nuts - "Durby"

Frances Elliott - "Fae"

James Marshall Elliott - "Marshie" "Make it snappy"

Sara Elliott

Edmund U. Fairbanks - "Fairy," "Eddie"

Mabel E. Fitzsimmons

Margaret Foreman - "Pet," "Peggy"

Clifford Forney

Helen Friel - "Lena"

Freda Denton Garrison - "Fred"

Franklin Gilligan

Abe Good - "Abie"

Elinor Graham

Kathryn Graham - "Kitty" "Tat"

Samuel Grant

Mary Anne Greaves - "Kid" - "Dick"

Rebecca Greenberg

Sadye Grossman - "Shady"

Dorothy E. Grover - "Dot"

John Hanley

Katherine Harley - "Kitty"

William Hilbert - "Pat"

Anna Virginia Holston

Esther Howard - "Es"

Margaret Howard - "Peg"

Ida May Hueston

Janet Johnson - "Jack," "Vamp," "Ginger"

Paul Jones - "Jonesie"

Margaret H. Jorgenson "Peg," "Maggie"

Ella M. Lee - "Seddy"

Marian Elizabeth Lee

Paul Lessy

Esther Light

George Harold Lloyd, Jr. - "Lloydy," "Comic."

Marian Livingston

Clyde Ludwig

Alice Lukens - "Muggins"

Margaret E. Lynch - "Peg," "Lynchie"

Paul E. Maguire - "Irish" "Try, try again."

Thomas Mangan - "Tommy"

Erma Mason - "Ma Mason"

Matthew McKinnell - "Mat"

Elva McCafferty

Thelma I. McCauley - "Tommy" "Tim"

Mary McCloskey - "Mickey" "Sis"

Mary Margaret McGovern - "Peg"

Loretta A. McLaughlin - "Girlie" - "Retta"

Hazel Meisol - "Witch Hazel"

Arthur Mergy

Elizabeth Miller - "Lib"

James Mills - "Jimmie"

Elizabeth Cloud Mirkil - "Betty"

Daniel Morris - "Dan"

Philip Mowry - "Phil," "Soap."

John Mullen

Myrtle W. Neeld - "Myrt"

Herbert Newlin - "Herb"

Lydia Newsome - "Lits"

Minter Norton - "Nort"

Andrew Palmer - "Andy"

Mary Ethel Pilkington - "Mary"

Dorothy McKay Powell - "Dot"

Ethel Reid

Gertrude Reilly - "Gertie" "Gert"

Thelma Alverda Robertson - "Tommy" "Tom"

Oliver Robinson

Edna Rose - "Eddy"

David Rosenblatt - "Dave"

Clyde Rothfuss

Reginald Rothwell - "Reggie"

Mary Gretel Shepherd - "Ep," "Shep"

Paul Shieck

Scott Schiller - "Schiller"

Thomas Shields - "Tommy" "Farmer"

Dorothy Graham Smith - "Dot" "Dottie"

Helen Wetherill Smith - "Smitty" "Bobby"

FLorence Isabelle Speed - "Flos," "Speedie"

Margaret Emery Spencer - "Peg" "Peggy"

Anna Stein - "Anna"

Ralph Stone

Paul Morton Stowe - "Mort"

Marian R. Strain

Anna Sweeney - "Ann"

Eleanor F. Szczurowski

Ludmillie Thomas

Stanley Thomas - "Stan"

Jack Thompson - "Thompson"

Frances Todd - "Toddy"

Sara V. Twaddell - "Sarie" "Sal"

Margaret Walker - "Peg" "Peggy"

Mary Ward - "Lil' Mary" "Hick"

Samuel Warren - "Nate"

Harry Werner

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2001 John A. Bullock III.

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