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Class of 1949


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The following list of Chester High School graduates is from the 1949 Chester High School Annual:

Many thanks to Alice Ritter, Dover, DE for sharing with us a copy of the annual.

CHS CLASS of 1949


Karl E. Agan

Adviser to Girls

Edna S. Emmott

Vice Principal

Charles A. Giles

Guidance Head & Sophomore Class Coordinator

Sarah P. Holcroft

Senior Class Coordinator

Edna S. Emmott & Leah E. Bloom

Guidance, Tests & Measurements, Freshman Class Coordinator

Clara P. Riley

Junior Class Coordinator

Florine DuPuy

Registrar, in charge of records and credits

Harold V. Hartman



Senior Advisors:

Regina G. Hynes
Frederick G. Addis
Edith Bartha
Frank Detwiler
Margaret Nothnagle
Frank Seletz
John Hayes
Leona Sealey

Annual Dedicated to:

Miss Regina G. Hynes


Class Officers

Class President: Donald J. Davis, 529 E. 10th

Vice President: Joseph A. Totino, 1125 Kerlin

Secretary: Joan C. Grieco, 1000 McDowell Ave.

Treasurer: Betty I. Boulden, 1155 Pine Lane

The Class of 1949

Year Last Name First Name Middle Name Deceased Married Name Course Address Town Notes
1949 Aberts James R.       703 W. 7th    
1949 Albertini Frances L.       600 Kerlin    
1949 Alston Alfonso         2113 W. 2nd    
1949 Anderson Marylou         704 Union    
1949 Anemone William R.       225 Lamokin    
1949 Antonelli Nicholas         309 Gartside Court    
1949 April Ralph C.       626 W. Front    
1949 April Rose C.       803 McDowell Ave.    
1949 Asenavage Anthony         242 E. Roland Rd. Parkside  
1949 Atkins Melvin         228 Broomall   In Army when yearbook was published
1949 Ayers Bernice E.       137 E. 8th    
1949 Bailey Norma D.       417 E. 8th    
1949 Baillie Craig         38 E. 23    
1949 Baines Dorothy M.       1109 Booth    
1949 Barnes Henry B.       223 Pennell    
1949 Batter Joan A.       302 Ayars Place    
1949 Beauchamp George         814 E. 18th    
1949 Beldecos Kathryn A.       311 Pennell    
1949 Bellantine Joseph         223 W. 4th    
1949 Bennett Elizabeth T.       105 Lewis    
1949 Bernard Nancy E.       208 E. 10th    
1949 Bettner Edna M.       403 Deakyne Place    
1949 Biddle James W.       603 W. 7th   In Army when yearbook was published
1949 Biordi Angelo J.       368 Parker    
1949 Blocksom Shirley A.       1328 Hancock    
1949 Blythe Jean M.       609 E. 7th    
1949 Boluck Lydia R.       916 Parker    
1949 Bondreski Eugene T.       2019 W. 7th    
1949 Bookman Lois         117 E. 22nd    
1949 Booth Vernon E.       607 W. 8th    
1949 Bothell A. Jean       622 Green    
1949 Boulden Betty I.       1155 Pine Lane   Treasurer
1949 Boulware Ulysses C.       214 Minor    
1949 Bowers Willie L.       1600 Verdun Ave.    
1949 Boyd Marian L.       112 Mildred Lane Green Ridge  
1949 Boyle Vivian S.       2119 W. 4th    
1949 Bratton Joan M.       309 E. 22    
1949 Brenneman Betty-Jane         27 W. 8th    
1949 Bresset Joan M.       1134 Hancock    
1949 Brooks Dorothy E.       307 Race Upland  
1949 Brooks Zelda M.       1003 Bradford Way    
1949 Brown Katory M.       1711 Mary    
1949 Brown Vera Y.       1324 Engle    
1949 Brush Martha L.       322 E. 21    
1949 Buccella Mary         215 W. 4th    
1949 Budnick Jacqueline         723 Upland    
1949 Bugara Barbara E.       229 Ward    
1949 Bunel Eleanor J.       1107 Brown    
1949 Bunker Louise B.       109 W. Mowry    
1949 Burke William P.       1003 W. 5th    


Faculty & Staff:

Alda M. Adams, Commercial
Frederic G. Addis, English
Agnes L. Alexander, Librarian
George B. Alexander, Vocational
David J. Anderson, Social Studies
David M. Baker, Vocational
Edith Bartha, Commercial
Evelyn Beck, Homemaking
Florence O. Benjamin, Social Studies Head
Harold Boyer, Physical Education
Raymond H. Brandt, Vocational
J. Harold Brewster, Physical Education
Albert J. Buono, English
Alfred D. Buono, Social Studies
Eleanor Carroll, Secretary
Mary V. Carroll, English
Hannah F. Cassell, Social Studies
Oliver Clendenning, Vocational
Elizabeth Clugston, Homemaking
Samuel D. Craven, Commercial
John P. Crawford, Physical Education
Mary Dacey, Social Studies
Elizabeth M. Davidson, Assistant Secretary
James DeRose, Science Head
Arthur DeSimone, Science
Frank Detwiler, Vocational
Jane Dilmore, Commercial
Reed Edwards, Mathematics
Elizabeth G. Ellis, Art
Alice F. Ewing, Homemaking Head
Elaine Farmer, Distributive Education
Margaret M. Foreman, Social Studies
Robert Forwood, Physical Education
Sylvia C. Frankel, Assistant Secretary
Mildred M. Garris, Secretary
Blair Ganoe, Vocational
Robert Grainger, Driver Education
Ruth D. Hargreaves, Science
Albert E. Hart, Mathematics
John Hayes, Vocational
Mary Hoover, English
William S. Houpt, Social Studies
Joseph Hrabak, Vocational
Regina G. Hynes, Science
Leah E. Jordan, English
Mildred Keagle, English
Julia Kearney, R. N.
Eileen Kelly, Commercial
John Klopp, M.D.
Amber Knox, Commercial
Henry B. Kulp, Vocational
Robert Lannen, Mathematics
Charles D. Long, Music Supervisor
Howard Lutton, Vocational
Richard Madison, Social Studies
Herman Mailman, Spanish
Charles W. Marsh, Vocational
Lillian Marshall, English
Mildred G. Massino, Spanish
Anna McCay, R.N.
George M. McCain, Vocational
Hope Northam, Commercial
Margaret G. Nothnagle, Homemaking
Martha L. Pancoast, Latin
Marjorie Paynter, Social Studies
John C. Pentecost, Vocational
Thomas Phillips, Vocational
Emely Pierce, Commercial
W. Henry F. Pierson, Social Studies
Mary R. Pinder, English
Arleyne Pittenger, Physical Education
Nathaniel Plafker, English
W. Robert Prosser, Commercial Head
Harold W. Ross, Music
Muriel E. Rugh, English
Olive R. Scull, English
Leona M. Sealey, Physical Education
Frank Seletz, Social Studies
Anne Seltzer, Homemaking
Robert F. Sholly, Mathematics
William Slezak, Science
Doris Spell, Dental Hygienist
Lillian Stalker, Art
Madge Terwilliger, Homemaking
James D. Vermeychuk, Industrial Arts
Edna M. Wagner, English Head
Margaret H. Walker, English
Charlotte Weaver, Homemaking
Harriet Weiss, English
Edith White, English
Ruth M. Williams, Physical Education
Milton C. Woodlen, Mathematics
Lilyan Wright, Physical Education
Raymond Yeich, Vocational
Lewis R. Zelley, Music
Charles F. Zinn, Vocational Director


If you have any information and or pictures that you would like to contribute about Chester, please forward it to john@oldchesterpa.com

2002 John A. Bullock III.

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