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Class of 1955


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The following list of Chester High School graduates is from the 1955 Chester High School Annual:

Many thanks to Larry & Martha Wood, Chester, PA for sharing with us a copy of the annual.

CHS CLASS of 1955


Karl E. Agan

Vice Principal

Charles A. Giles

Head Guidance Counselor

Sarah P. Holcroft

Senior Class Coordinator

Sarah P. Holcroft

Junior Class Coordinator

Regina G. Hynes

Sophomore Class Coordinator

Edna S. Emmott

Freshman Class Coordinator

Florine DuPuy

Registrar, in charge of records and credits

Harold V. Hartman


Senior Advisors:

Sarah P. Holcroft
Raymond Brandt
Mary Dacey
R Reed Edwards
Ruth Hargreaves
William Slezak
Charlotte Weaver

Annual Dedicated to:

Robert B. Forwood


Class Officers

Class President: John Laszek, 234 Bunting

Vice President: Dolores Carmella Sordi, 822 W. 6th

Secretary: Batya Ruth Pais, 214 Houston

Treasurer: Charmaine Rosalie Schaen, 3014 Union

The Class of 1955

Year Last Name First Name Middle Name Deceased Married Name Course Address Town Notes
1955 Abbott Jacques "Jack" Rodney       618 W. 7th    
1955 Abrams Jerry "Jer" Lee       1000 Remington    
1955 Adams Doris "Dot" Mary       1100 Central    
1955 Adkins Kenneth "Moe" Ramon       1118 Brown    
1955 Agostinelli Anthony "Gus-Gus" Joseph       315 Evans    
1955 Aikin Ruth "Ruthie"         2609 Boyle    
1955 Ali Elizabeth "Liz" Ann       1622 Providence    
1955 Allen Florence "Flo" C       2307 Upland    
1955 Amalfitano Paul "Jake" Peter       427 E 9th    
1955 Apostolis Dorothy "Dot"         117 E 4th    
1955 Armstrong Lillian "Lil" Doreatha       221 Woodrow    
1955 Bacchia Catherine "Cathy" Elizabeth       711 Pennell    
1955 Bailey Dorothy "Dottie" Marie       1518 Gold    
1955 Ballard George "Ecky" Edward       515 Reaney    
1955 Barahara Dolores "Dee" Ann       2921 W 6th    
1955 Barksdale Thelma "Shack" Varsylvia       2101 Tolston    
1955 Barnes Roberta "Bertie" Ann       1413 Culhane    
1955 Barrett Donald "Don" F       1115 Clover    
1955 Beard Barbara "Barb" Jane       636 Potter    
1955 Bell Bettyjean "Bee Jay"         334 Taylor    
1955 Bell Sterling Wilson       411 E 7th    
1955 Berilla Barry "Zeke" Jay       513 E 19th    
1955 Billett Jack Leroy       1010 Terrill    
1955 Birtwell Edward "Squeakie" J       1304 Hancock    
1955 Blagman Florence "Bonnie"         2206 W 3rd    
1955 Bliss Phoebe "Pheb" L       2540 Sandiland    
1955 Blocksom James "Blick" Harry       1328 Hancock    
1955 Bobon William "Hoppy" Francis       106 E 18th    
1955 Bolt Elenore Gail       183 E 18th    
1955 Bond, Jr Cecil W       1705 W 2nd    
1955 Bonkowski Eleanor "Bunky" Rose       415 Engle    
1955 Borgese Nina Louise       115 W 22nd    
1955 Bostic Harold "Hal" Leon       1431 Holland    
1955 Bowen James "Blodie" Earl       1501 Blueball    
1955 Bower James "Bow-Bow" Wakefield       2020 Upland    
1955 Boyd Jack S       528 W 6th    
1955 Bradshaw Anna Leona       235 W 4th    
1955 Bradshaw William "Bill" James       1330 Hancock    
1955 Brady Jane "Janie" Carol       820 W 11th    
1955 Bramble Rebecca "Beckie" Marie       829 W 7th    
1955 Breese Jean M       521 W 6th    
1955 Brincefield Ollie "Rae" Rae       1917 Tolston    
1955 Brooks Mary "Poogie" Idella       1612 W 4th    
1955 Brower Joanne "Jo" E       1008 Potter    
1955 Brower Nancy "Nan" Mae       1008 Potter    
1955 Brown John "Jackie" Westley       1304 Townsend    
1955 Brown Joseph "Joe" Henry       1117 Abbott    
1955 Brown Martha "Marty" Catherine       930 Morris    
1955 Browne Faye "April" Marcella       1711 Mary    
1955 Brush Florence "Flossie" Joan       1212 W 9th    


Faculty & Staff:

Hannah Cassell, Social Studies
John Crawford, Physical Education
James DeRose, Science
Elizabeth Ellis, Art
Edna Emmott, Secretary
Harold Hartman, Languages
Eleanore H. Hoagland, Homemaking
Emile Huber, Mathematics
Howard Lutton, Vocational
W. Robert Prosser, Commercial
Harold W. Ross, Music
Leona M. Sealey, Physical Education
Edna M. Wagner, English

Charles F. Zinn, Vocational Director
William W. George, Industrial Arts
William Gordon, Industrial Arts
Annim J. Ayres, Vocational
Louis K. Mutzel, Vocational
Charles W. Marsh, Vocational
Raymond Brandt, Vocational
George M McCain, Vocational
Thomas Phillips, Vocational
C. Lester Schuster, Vocational
Robert G. Frazier, Vocational
Blair Ganoe, Vocational
Eugene G. Wolonick, Industrial Arts
Harry P. Reddig, Vocational
James D. Vermeychuk, Industrial Arts
G. Bailey Alexander, Vocational
Joseph Hrabak, Vocational
Oliver Clendenning, Vocational
Halbert Bloom, Vocational

Albert J. Buono, English
Muriel R. DeTurk, English
Leah E. Jordan, English
Mary C. Muldoon, English
Margaret K. Muldoon, French
Mary P. Nunan, English
Martha L. Pancoast, Latin
Frederic Addis, German
Mildred G. Massino, Spanish
James J. Altemose, Mathematics
R. Reed Edwards, Mathematics
Robert F. Sholly, Mathematics
Mary C. Dacey, Social Studies
W. Henry Pierson, Social Studies
W. George Reigner, Social Studies
Evangeline K. Jones, English
George Baski, Commercial
Edith E. Bartha, Commercial
Catherine Dudar, Commercial
Helen Kapourelos, Commercial
Leonard Kittner, Commercial
Amber S. Knox, Commercial
Alda M. Adams, Commercial
Helen M. Bartha, Commercial
Leah E. Bloom, English
Robert F. Daly, Social Studies
T. James Masticola, Social Studies
John L. McDowell, Social Studies
Rita E. Spellman, Commercial
Lillian S. Molloy, Art
Harold Boyer, Physical Education
Joanne Brauer, Physical Education
Harold Brewster, Physical Education
Robert Forwood, Physical Education
Ellen Lombardi, Physical Education
Richard C. Madison, Social Studies
Ruth W. Martinez, Physical Education
Raymond Schweet, Distributive Education
Paul Usavage, Mathematics
John DeMarski, Music
Robert E. Vaughan, Music
Lewis R. Zelley, Music
Agnes L. Alexander, Librarian
Clara P. Riley, English
Evelyn Beck, Homemaking
Elizabeth K. Clugston, Homemaking
Rose Kaciuban, Homemaking
Margaret Nothnagle, Homemaking
Madge Terwilliger, Homemaking
Charlotte O. Weaver, Homemaking
Lorraine Carroll, Secretary
Clara H. Hubacheck, Secretary
Natalie Davis, Dental Hygienist
John B. Klopp, MD
Anna McCay, RN
Arva White, RN
Dolores T. Stroik, Secretary
Margaret E. Walker, English
Martha Loden, Social Studies
Frank E. Seletz, Social Studies
Marie Hogan, Social Studies
Marie L. McDonald, English
Lillian Marshall, English
Nathaniel Plafker, English
Abigail S. Rowland, English
Mary E. Ruffini, English
Arthur DeSimone, Science
Ruth D. Hargreaves, Science
Antoinette Pascale, Science
William Slezak, Science
Robert Smith, Science
Raymond Yeich, Science
Edith O. White, English
Robert Grainger, Driver Education
Albert L. Berger, English
Alfred D. Buono, Social Studies
Albert E. Hart, Mathematics
Herman Mailman, Spanish


If you have any information and or pictures that you would like to contribute about Chester, please forward it to john@oldchesterpa.com

2003 John A. Bullock III.

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