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Old Chester, PA: Felton Fire Co.

WWI & WWII Honor Roll from the Company's 100th Anniversary book in 1982
courtesy of Leigh Allvord

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Felton Fire Company Deceased Members (1982)

A list of more recent deceased members of Chester Fire Companies


WWI - Alfred Stevenson
Ashmead Edward
Ashmead Earl
Berlew Leroy
Baker Frank
Berry Paul
Crossett John
Draper Edward
Downey Joseph
Gray Stoddard
Gray Gurnsey
Hood Raymond
Leach Albert
McCoy Leroy
McCoy Howard
McDowell Stanley
Stewart Leroy
Stevenson Richard
Thompson John
Taylor Robert
Williams Leo
West Charles
West Lawrence
Wood Charles
Zimmers William
WWII - Wm. McDowell, Jr.
Sejda Dr. Martin
Stahle Jacob
Spicer John
Spicer Robert Jr.
Thompson Allen
Thompson Vernon
DelBuono Anthony
Downey Joseph
Ford Robert
Grayson Robert
Garvine George
Hill Harry Jr.
Luttrell William Jr.
Minshall Clifton
Taylor John
Bomberger Harry
Lawrence Manley
Downey Edward
Ogden William Jr.
Hoff Harry
McCoy Robert
McDowell John
Crawford Thomas
Miller Robert
Brown Harry
Middleton Joseph
Middleton Robert
McMaster Charles
McCormick Charles
Coppock William
Sawicki Myron
McKay Joseph
Traub Howard
Whittaker George
Smith Robert
Costello Eugene
Gay Thomas Jr.
Smith Clinton
Ashby John
Wise John
Conte Thomas
Ewald Albert
Harper Lewis
Harper Blair
Volturno Carmen
Mullaney James
Middleton Frank
McMaster F
Kisielwicz Jos.
Konyk Raymond
Miller Nicholas
McKay Francis Jr.
Taylor George
Wrzesniewski C
Cummings Alex.
Robinson Edward
Tobianco Thom. San

1 - Thanks to Leigh Allvord, ldamm3usn@comcast.net, for providing the Felton Fire Company's 100th Anniversary Book




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