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List updated 10/21/2002 courtesy of Florence E. O'Bryan,

Click here for a list of deceased members if the Felton Fire Company as of the Company's 100th Anniversary in 1982.

Last Name First Name Middle Date of Death Fire Company
Agostinelli Dominic     Franklin
Albert Robert E 01/15/98 Hanley
Albert Robert   01/15/98 Hanley
Allen John B   Franklin
Armstrong William     Franklin
Arndt Frederick B 04/07/00 Hanley
Ashby John   09/19/94 Franklin & Felton
Bacon Eugene   04/07/00 Hanley
Bardsley George R 08/02/99 Felton
Barnard Robert     Moyamensing
Bernhardt William P 07/04/00 Moyamensing
Borgese Samuel   01/09/98 Franklin
Borgese Samuel   01/09/98 Goodwill
Botwright Charles   1997 Goodwill
Calvarese Ottavio   08/07/99 Franklin
Carr James J 02/09/96 Goodwill
Ciprani James A 12/01/97 Franklin
Clayton Robert W 12/07/96 Moyamensing
Conner Frank A 03/01/60 Franklin
Coombs Robert M 08/23/99 Felton
Coombs Robert M 08/23/99 Goodwill
Corbett     08/23/99 Goodwill
DeNofio Salvidore   09/06/93 Franklin
DeVito Andrew Joseph "Sonny"   04/06/96 Felton
Diggins Frank R 03/17/96 Moyamensing
Dill James   04/13/99 Felton
Dobson Frank   04/13/99 Felton
Dougherty George W 10/23/97 Felton
Downey Joseph R 04/24/96 Felton
Doyle Norman     Felton
Eaves William   1969 Moyamensing
Elia Patrick   07/15/98 Franklin
Ellis Joseph E 10/05/99 Franklin
Ely Frank   1998 Franklin
Evans Harry J 11/16/94 Felton
Evans James T 08/05/94 Franklin
Ford Robert W 05/24/97 Felton
Francis John "Junior"     Franklin
Garman Lloyd H 12/01/96 Felton
Gaulke, Sr. Alvin F 12/06/00 Hanley
Gill Edward J 01/03/97 Moyamensing
Glanfield Edward John 1957 Hanley
Grobes Edward   01/30/98 Goodwill
Haines Joseph   11/20/94 Felton
Hendershot Arthur E   Hanley
Heywood Hartley "Heck" D 01/30/97 Moyamensing
Heywood Warren J 02/08/96 Moyamensing
Hinderhofer Leo A 08/07/00 Hanley
Hladasz, Jr. John   08/26/97 Moyamensing
Howlett Robert F 01/26/00 Felton
Hudgins, Jr. Walter Leon "Sonny"   05/01/00 Moyamensing
Jablonski Edward   06/02/98 Franklin
Johnson Edward J 02/03/98 Hanley
Kryworuka Theodore   08/07/00 Hanley
Lamb James E 02/19/98 Moyamensing
Lamey Edward G 04/26/94 Moyamensing
Landino Lawrence A 01/18/98 Hanley
Larkin Harry     Franklin
Larrison Milton J 12/28/94 Hanley
Lykens James J 07/26/98 Moyamensing
Martin Gilbert T 02/14/98 Goodwill
McCarty Joseph H 12/07/98 Felton
McDonald Edward J 01/25/99 Franklin
McDonald Edward J 01/25/99 Moyamensing
McDonald Edward J 01/25/99 Hanley
McDonald Edward J 01/25/99 Goodwill
McDonald James   04/01/00 Moyamensing
McElwee, Jr. John K 03/27/96 Franklin
McGinley John F 01/25/99 Franklin
McKay, Sr. Joseph W 03/15/96 Felton
Metzler John "Blackie"   03/29/65 Franklin
Middleton Robert   05/02/98 Felton
Miller Walter     Goodwill
Minshall Clifton W 02/22/99 Felton
Minshall Clifton W 02/22/99 Goodwill
Moore Edward E 02/22/99 Goodwill
Moulder William I 02/21/96 Moyamensing
Murphy Robert H 10/06/94 Moyamensing
Murphy Robert H 10/06/94 Hanley
Noblit George     Franklin
Ogden Warren H   Moyamensing
Ogden, Sr. Robert L 06/28/96 Moyamensing
Peters Frank   06/01/99 Franklin
Price Joseph   02/22/99 Franklin
Rothfuss H. N. "Bucky"   11/21/97 Felton
Seiverd Paul R 03/10/98 Goodwill
Seman Joseph J 07/22/97 Goodwill
Shive Carl   03/01/73 Franklin
Skillman Gordon I   Felton
Slezak Martin B 08/01/98 Felton
Statter Fred J 10/04/97 Franklin
Toole Frank E 06/27/98 Goodwill
Townsend Harry "Pop" A 09/04/00 Franklin
Weigand Curtis   01/10/86 Moyamensing
Weigand Elmer     Franklin
Wheaton John C 08/10/84 Franklin
Will Anthony C 08/09/60 Franklin
Wood James E 11/16/97 Moyamensing
Woodrow Ralph "Woody"   08/13/99 Moyamensing
Worrall Lewis Hoffner (Rev.)   02/13/98 Hanley


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