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Post Wilde, No. 25, G. A. R.

"Since the close of the Rebellion, the officers and soldiers of the U. S. Army and Volunteers have formed themselves into Societies, to perpetuate the remembrance of their former military organizations and service, and to protect and care for their sick and disabled comrades and their families; and are fulfilling their self-imposed duties in the most honorable and praiseworthy manner. The honorably discharged Volunteers have instituted a military order, extending throughout the United States, and denominated "The Grand Army of the Republic." Each separate locality or division, has its subordinate organization, which is called a "Post," and is named in honor of some deceased comrade, who once resided in the vicinity or department of the Post.

"Post Wilde, No. 25, G. A. R., is located at Chester, and was organized July 27, 1867. The Post was so named, in honor of the memory of Isaac Edward Wilde, son of John and Helen, born May 30, 1842, at Knowlton, Delaware County, Pa. At the age of 17 years he enlisted as a private in Company B, 20th Regt. Pa. Vols. (Scott Legion), was mustered out with his company, and immediately re-enlisted in the 3rd Penna. Cavalry, in which he served until just before the battle of Fredericksburg, Va., when he "was discharged for promotion," and returned home, but becoming impatient he reenlisted in the 3rd Regt. of Heavy Artillery, and was stationed at Fortress Monroe until March, 1864, when he was mustered into the 188th Penna. Volunteers, formed from the extra men of the 3rd Heavy Artillery, and was made 2nd Lieutenant of one of the companies, and served with his new regiment under Gen. Butler. At the battle of "Chapin’s Farm," his regiment was nearly cut to pieces, and he was placed in command of two companies, being the only officer left. Soon after his health gave way, and he was placed in the army hospital near City Point, Va., where he died, July 26, 1864, of chronic diarrhea.

"The Post is in a flourishing condition, has a large membership, and a pleasant meeting-room, with a small library of 300 volumes. The organization is beneficial, paying $4 a week sick benefits, $50 upon the death of a comrade, and $30 upon the death of a comrade’s wife. It is the only society representing the veteran soldiers of Delaware County."

Chester (and its Vicinity,) Delaware County in PA – Published 1877 – John Hill Martin, Esq.
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At its peak, there were almost 1000 member of this post.

By 1925 there were 21 surviving members of this post.

The last surviving member of the past was B. Frank Thomas, who died April 11, 1939.


Past Commanders


William H. Martin

James McDade

William C. Paist

Thomas Lees

Joseph F. Brewster

George S. Buck

Edward Blains

Joseph P. Chadwick

Marshall Miller


Hiram Williams

John J. Richardson (1925)




Henry Abbott

Humphrey Y. Arnold

William Armstrong

William Band

Levis Booth

Thomas Blythe

John Barrowclough

Tho. Bruner

Jacob C. Berstler

Theodore J. Bell

Thomas Blizard

Joseph F. Bell

William Blakeley

Ebenezer Birtwell

William B. Broomall

Joseph P. Chadwick

Edward Crowther

Theodore S. Christ

Robert Chadwick

William H. Cowden

Joseph R. T. Coates

Daniel Crowther

Fred R. Cutler

Joseph C. Carter

Isaac L. Craft

James Christie

Theodore Dransfield

Charles Dickerson

John F. Danaker

John Diress

Patrick Doyle

Elias Eves

William Eves

Able Fore

Jacob Freshley

Albin P. Gettey

William C. Gray

William Gray

Jesse Griswold

Joel Hollingsworth

Moses Hewitt

G. C. Healy

John D. Howard

William G. Howarth

Thomas G. Hutchinson

Isaac Helmes

William J. Harvey

Lewis Holden

Joseph N. James

Isaac Johnson

David M. Johnson

Joseph Kestner

Alexander King

Samuel Kay

Jonathan Kershaw

Edward Lilley

Richard Leggett

Thomas Lees

John Lilley, Jr.

Thomas I. Leiper

Arthur Martin

William H. Martin

Edward T. Mason

James McDade

Thomas H. Mirkil

Samuel Montgomery

James Morris

G. Mills

William P. Morrison

Charles McBride

Marshall Miller

William Miller

James H. McKinley

John McDaniels

John McFeeters

John T. McVey - 1

Lacy H. Nicholson

William C. Paist

Jesse W. Paist

Caleb N. Pierce

Geo. A. Pearce

William W. Pearce

William D. Platt

George M. Pardoe

William G. Price

Horatio N. Platt

William Pilger

William Rambo

Lewis J. Smith

Alexander Stokes

Edward C. Smith

J. M. Stoever

William Stanton

Fred. P. Taylor

Domingo C. Thomson

William L. Tomlinson

William A. Todd

Edward Townsend

Chas. Thompson

William Cooper Talley

Theo. H. Vansant

Joshua M. Wilson

George W. Wilson

John Wohnus

Hiram Williams

William Waite

Jonathan Wilson

Joseph O. Wilson

Gasoway O. Yarnall


Ladies' Circle No. 129 of the G.A.R.


~ Officers 1924 ~

May Phillips

Iva Goodman

Madeline Parke

Sarah Ferguson

Kathryn Kerr

Kathryn Diggins

May Danaker

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1 - Harry N. Gilday, great grandson

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